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After much too big a delay, I'll be putting out a new release of Joinmarket in the next few days. If anyone around here is a regular user and wants to help, please test current master - 36e834ff3f2f99fb48c0afe338a364ddaab783b4 (consider it a release candidate).

Finally got rapidcheck with test_boost working with Bitcoin Core... should write up a doc to make it easier. Would be good to add more property-based tests.

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rust-bitcoin merged a refactor of the Address type that now allows creating bech32 addresses of versions higher than 1 and it supports creating addresses from scriptPubKeys.
About to release v0.19!
#CodeUpdate #Bitcoin #Rust

"Lot49 is a proposed open-source protocol for goTenna that adapts the Bitcoin Lightning Network to incentivize data delivery for offgrid mobile mesh networks. Feedback welcome!"

new Richard Myers talk on his Lot49 mesh networks protocol proposal published on the Chaincode Labs youtube channel today

"seems we have a lot of trouble merging anything more significant lately"

i empathise, the high-prio ones seem to sit there ad infinitum... note to self, block time to try tackling these, worst case to learn and improve

very happy with weechat so far after switching to it for irc... thanks for the recommendations

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@jon I'm seeing a bit too much of these kind of things.
I checked both that thread and the linked Twitter thread: issues have not been addressed (afaics) still no answer

Not answering or addressing questions is a recurring theme. Only thing I do see is meaningless marketing slogans/posts.

That's aside from the weird choice IMO wrt Librem 5 to go for GNOME instead of KDE. Latter has (afaik) complete mobile stack, former had (basically) none. 🤷‍♂️

currently in Bitcoin... code review isn’t complete until someone uses the word “modulo” in a review comment

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if you hack on bitcoin core wallets definitely check out this live stream of Andrew Chow working. live rn.

I've been a supporter and customer of Purism for some time now. Unfortunately, my requests for warranty service for the battery of a $2300 Librem 15 that died after only 10 months have been met with a series of attempts to not cover the replacement.

This is a not a good sign -- and only the first issue reported to Purism of several I had, including a stripped case screw and an unseated drive that I paid a premium to Purism to install in the initial purchase. I expected better of Purism.

”About your cat, Mr. Schrödinger — I have good news and bad news.”

(Benjamin Schwartz, The New Yorker)

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@privacyint wrote this last year. It's brilliant.

Winning the debate on encryption — a 101 guide for politicians

Dear Politicians, With elections coming up and quite a few cringe-worthy comments that have come from many of you and from all sides of the political spectrum, we figured it was time to have a chat about encryption. First, let’s say what you shouldn’t do:

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I dropped my #IRC client onto github today! It's 1000sloc of #Tcl/Tk for the core, plus a bunch of plugins. I've been using it as my primary #IRC client for the past couple of years, so it's well-used.

It's not for everyone, but I'd say it's one of the most hackable #IRC clients out there.

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seems purism is helping fund a risc-v hybrid cpu/gpu... idk if marketing or substance and a risc-v laptop is years off, but it cheers me up to at least see this talked about :)

"We see a bright future for the RISC-V in general and see a strong need to develop free additional building blocks around the RISC-V core. Because keep in mind, the RISC-V foundation is only concerned about the ISA, there are some free implementations of the ISA but to make a CPU or even SOC it takes a lot more partially complex building blocks, like a GPU/VPU. That’s why Purism puts its money where its mouth is and contributes to the effort :)" - Nicole, CTO

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