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4 years in operation, still doing like 5-10 coinjoins a day just from my bot (I think there are about 60 active, typically), hundreds of millions (not exaggeration) of dollars worth of btc made more fungible, more than one academic paper analysing it ... but still everyone talks like Joinmarket either doesn't exist or is a dead project.


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I've succcessfully figured out how to make manual coin control transactions with the lnd wallet over grpc (in Python, but I'll probably rewrite in golang). Will prob drop it on github shortly. Will require a PR on lnd though, although it's minor.

Longer term goal has been to do something like this: build a kind of 'sidecar daemon' that runs against lnd and passively coinjoins using 'SNICKER' (see it on my blog). I've also done some PSBT code that may be useful in btcsuite/btcuti.

It's a good discussion about Jeremy Rubin's BIP proposal for a new opcode, CHECKOUTPUTSHASHVERIFY, aka COSHV, to be activated for Tapscript version 0. Goal is a minimum viable form of covenants.

It's been rewarding to follow the ongoing review of the latest Bitcoin Optech newletter, kudos to @harding and everyone involved.

How to thrive with the return of higher fees. New video of Mike Schmidt of Blockstream and Bitcoin OpTech during Blockchain Week NYC earlier this month giving a 30 min overview on the Bitcoin fee market and how to mitigate higher fees:

clear glimpse of the near future:

"I am ZmnSCPxj, a randomly-generated Internet person. I understand that humans instinctively desire to know my identity. However, I think my identity is largely immaterial, and prefer to be judged by my work."

Great to see continually-improving RISC-V platform support in the latest release of Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL)

ok bitcoin twitter everyone out of the pool less arguing more building

perhaps the best way to spend the time we have is in becoming timeless

Common Lisp is the most fun I've had while coding in a long time. What a timeless language.

Followed up the RAM upgrade by flashing the latest coreboot. All good to go.

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Am thinking of following this guy's work in getting my data out of Facebook. I quit a few months ago

‪Nice! with a website being added, the Bitcoin PR Reviews Club seems to be picking up steam.

Bitcoin Core PR Review Club today at 1700 UTC on irc -core-pr-reviews. Excellent initiative by John Newbery. More info here:

Common Lisp on RISC-V: SBCL 1.5.2 now available with lots of RISC-V goodness. Consume with moderation.

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