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While the LN node count has increased 150% during Feb to Oct this year, the central point dominance has decreased 13% - talk by Elias Rohrer right now in Berlin.

With Bitcoiners Fodé, Darius, Emmy, and Ana in Berlin for

Really enjoyed meeting Fabrice Drouin, Thibault, Dominique, and Pierre-Marie of Acinq and catching up with @sjors at the LN Conf in Berlin today.

Two zen proverbs.

“Chop wood, carry water.”

(Don’t overanalyze. Do the work.)

“The glass is already broken.”

(Nothing is permanent, nor really yours.)

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New optech.

Feels like *noinput and friends is becoming the poster child for those additional features that are not unreasonable but will struggle for ~ years to get agreement. New functionality almost always has dangers.

On this topic, where is the Taproot security proof? (I have been thinking about this quite a bit last week or so since we chatted in London). Reducing to Schnorr signature forgery under ROM would be nice.

NN Taleb on writing books that last and probabilistic predictions of what seems likely to break within a decade

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Those of us interested in cypherpunk principles are seeing an interesting case study played out in HK right now. A few days ago they (tried to) ban face masks. Today there was a serious proposal to ban the internet. By invoking emergency law there are rumours that financial assets might get seized.
I think there's a lot of tech that could help the people, but isnt quite ready; but then again people get creative in desperate situations.

Tomorrow's Bitcoin Core PR review is on ajtown's PR 16939 "Delay querying DNS seeds if addrman is populated (p2p)", hosted by John Newbery. We also discuss merged PR 15558 by sipa -- is there a bug to fix? Full details, notes, and questions are up at


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People who do not take measures to protect their privacy online commonly defend their choice by arguing, "I have nothing to hide."

If you know someone who subscribes to this thinking, here are three reasons to share on why this argument is flawed.

At this Wednesday's Bitcoin Core PR review meeting, we will be looking at "Package relay" by Suhas Daftuar. Reserve some time to review it before the meeting!

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At tomorrow's Bitcoin Core PR review meeting, we will be looking at PR #16202 "Refactor network message deserialization" by Jonas Schnelli. It's been a high-priority PR for some time. Please review the PR and prepare the notes and questions before the meeting if you can. See you tomorrow!


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@waxwing From Scaling Bitcoin proper, the only one I liked that wasn't something I already knew about fairly well (e.g. erlay, miniscript, COSHV/SECURETHEBAG, etc) was the TxProbe paper summary:

From Edge Dev++, I liked:


IMO, just from reading the transcripts, Scaling Bitcoin was pretty meh this year, although Edge Dev++ seemed ok.
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Starting to take a look at this Halo thing:

From my initial read of the first half at least, it seems that they have discovered something cool about recursive evaluation of proofs, but they haven't actually attempted any soundness proof yet so it's probably more of a "get this out there" publication.

But also: (1/2)

@waxwing tomorrow's Bitcoin Optech newletter by @harding discusses your SNICKER proposal, would be great if you can drop by for a quick review.

spent the evening combining Common Lisp, GraphQL, the GitHub API, and the Bitcoin Core repository data — works well!

...initially to set up @BitcoinCorePRs but wondering if a backup data warehouse for the Bitcoin Core GitHub data would be useful and how many already exist (and who maintains them)?

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