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I’ve rarely seen someone play Quasimodo (a game I wrote as a kid) as well as this YouTube gamer.

It can be downloaded for free on 8-bit gamer sites and runs on any 6502 assembly emulator.

RAM originally required to run: 16KB ;)


To use the GUI version, open bitcoin-qt, navigate to Window -> Console, and copy-paste the gui banlist file contents in one go into the console window.

@jon To use the command line version, cd to the location of `which bitcoind` (often /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin) and copy-paste the cli banlist file contents in one go into the terminal.

Gregory Maxwell released an update to his Bitcoin node banlist with "more than a few additions of spies, mass connectors, and other abusive nodes."

- Command line version: people.xiph.org/~greg/banlist.

- GUI version (bitcoin-qt): people.xiph.org/~greg/banlist.

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I've looked at #webassembly again, specifically their textual #lisp representation and discovered that comments are weird. Normally you'd have semicolons starting a line comment and maybe something like #_ (Clojure) or #; commenting out the next form. Instead ;; starts a line comment, (; begins a nestable block comment and ;) terminates a nestable block comment. It looks super weird until you realize it's like C/C++ style comments, with slashes and asterisks replaced...


‪- Help test Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 RC3 -‬

‪The 3rd release candidate for the next major version of Bitcoin Core has been released! This may be the final release candidate, so please test it ASAP so any regressions are caught beforehand.

Downloads/your feedback here:


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Trezor hardware wallet github discussion on implementing support for coinjoin/wasabi.


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Not sure what to make of this, but may be of interest re: veriblock story.

I note in particular an Apr 5th date. That's tomorrow.

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I like how the WebAssembly WASI spec learned from CloudABI with regard to capability-based security for the file system interface, taking the principle of least authority to heart (hacks.mozilla.org/2019/03/stan)

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oooh gdb has colors now (version 8.2.50), including syntax highlighting, this is pretty !
(also: it works on my SiFive Unleashed board after upgrading the kernel to 5.x)

Good news: Bitcoin Core moving forward with switch to bech32 receiving addresses by default for the 0.19 release, or optionally 0.20, depending on bech32 sending support in other programs/services.

More info:

- en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Bech32_adop

- github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/iss

- erisian.com.au/meetbot/bitcoin

Two principles for software development I'm adopting:

1. Open source only, except possibly for personal projects. This optimises compound returns over time for society and individual.

2. Fully distributed teams only, no office versus remote. This optimises for freedom, focus, and deep work.

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