wondering if travel to the US next month for the mit bitcoin expo, bitcoin2020, and so on is worth the risk... anyone else going or wondering about this?

@TallTim yeah, basically, along with airports, hotels, conferences, in general places, especially closed ones, where there are many people for long periods of time.

@jon So basically being human and socializing.

That's a tough one to eradicate from your BrainOS.

@TallTim yeah :/ ... i admit i've been working from home alone these past weeks, going out only to go in the ocean or buy food from the quiet local shops in the nearby village

@TallTim i sense that too much about this thing is underreported/covered up and the picture doesn't make sense

the infected people here (in france) are all still hospitalized and there has been almost zero news about their state

and the things we're seeing being tweeted out from china, if even fractionally true, are horrifying

@jon You could hide in a hut somewhere and it will still reach you.

Me, I'm just going to try my best to weather it when it hits my shores. There really is no hiding from it long term.

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