Might as well toot out some of my recent episodes - check out this one on Bitcoin coin selection with Murch stephanlivera.com/episode/177/



my favorite slp episodes are the developer ones like this

@jon Thanks Jon, I do enjoy going more into technical details with developers, but have to balance it out with other stuff.

My aim is to hit the 'sweet spot' of covering enough developer stuff without alienating the non-developer audience.

More listeners -> show is more viable for sponsors -> show is more sustainable


yes, that's understandable -- and fine as-is, for i wouldn't have the time to listen to all of the episodes if they were dev ones


(speaking of sponsors, don't hesitate to low-key mention to them on occasion to support open source work

it's disheartenting to see some (large exchanges, for example), not engaging and even disengaging from open source, while at the same time hiring like mad and basing their business on the open source dev and R&D remaining viable and healthy)

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