I2P network support was just merged into Bitcoin Core for the upcoming v22 release, adding a second privacy network available to users / nodes (please test it and report any issues). 🥳

@jon with this, you can now run nodes as dual hidden services on tor and i2p (invisible internet project). if tor is having issues, your i2p service can continue to communicate.

the implementation last year of bip155 addrv2 into bitcoin core is what paved the way for support of longer addresses like tor v3 and now i2p, and for future network additions

@jon for the past month or two, the bitcoin core i2p network has been 3-4 nodes. it’s been working great. don’t hesitate to join in, test, and spur further adoption.

depending on your settings, your i2p service can communicate with tor and clearnet peers...default is yes and listening on

@jon I only learned of I2P recently and to see it integrated with #bitcoin is truly something.

I also believe it is a testament to the resilient mindset of the bitcoin community and developers that they adapted rather than succumbed to the tor v3 outage. Private bitcoin is the best bitcoin 💪🏾

@koolaidwithkaran it was actually planned last year and the pull request by vasil dimov was opened in december, iirc. but yes, the tor v3 consensus node and network liveness issues certainly heightened demand of bitcoin users for another privacy network.

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