this is great! been receiving incessant questions about this from family and friends, spent well over an hour replying to questions on this just today already

the FUD by the media that we're requested to respond to is really costly to deal with tbh

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@jon This is incredible! I'm absolutely pointing anyone with an inkling of bitcoin curiosity to this.

@koolaidwithkaran i hope it's enough, my experience is that people really want a personal answer to these things as there is so much disinformation out there and they don't know what to believe

@jon I bought the laptop I use with bitcoin, and now I'm saving up again for furniture for my new home! :bloblaugh: @koolaidwithkaran

@jon Absolutely. I usually have a conversation and answer their questions as best I can then send them links afterwards, always coupled with a 'send this to others who have the same questions'

@jon @koolaidwithkaran
A good FAQ still goes a long way though. Ideally with an "as deep as you'd like" answer to any FUD. e.g. bitcoinqa has good one-paragraph FUD responses, but some people need to read a few pages or even a medium post to get convinced - and that's per FUD.
We need a

Pretty sure the newspapers making this shit up are owned by the banks.

Unfortunately, the telcos everyone depends on for internet are too.

@cjd No wonder people are talking shit about it lately! I've had a mostly positive experience with cryptocurrency. @jon

@calculsoberic @jon
Hmm, do you have connections to the journalism community ? Maybe you can find out some info about whether there is anyone commissioning this writing, or where it's coming from....

@cjd I do but only loosely. I'm a freelance writer and I know some others through that. I can give it a shot! @jon

I like it, the question is: how do i get bitcoins:
1) without spending too much, i see the minimum is 15eur
2) being usable without loosing a 10-15% in fees ?
3) without loosing too much in "fragmentation" ?

Bitcoin is only for big transactions and if you were early.

@calculsoberic @cjd @jon

@calculsoberic @cjd

Actually to be honest, and you are aware of course, the higher fees are at the exchanges, to or from another currency.

From the same currency those are normally limited yet, hard to relate.
I didn't exchange much in bitcoin because of fragmentation it generates and also because I don't have much (0,0103...). :)


@hicks @calculsoberic @jon
Good point, Lightning Network improves on a lot of these pain points, and there are also a lot more projects out there which are cheaper to transact in and which also work. You go to a country with a significant population of people who are unbanked and people are solving these problems and crypto is big.

@cjd @hicks @calculsoberic i think it’s still early... in fact, i’m betting quite a lot on that being the case

@jon @hicks @calculsoberic
Thing is, the war on crypto is real, and these hit-pieces coming from the Zombie Media are just the warmup act. They're hitting PoW first because PoW is the strongest, it's fully decentralized and provably fair. But everyone in crypto, and in fact everyone who cares about financial autonamy at all, is going to need to work together in the coming years.

@cjd They don't need much to do to attack crypto.
This non-sense about BTC valuation is enough.

I still don't see to what it is related. And I am not a crypto opponent.

@jon @calculsoberic

@hicks @jon @calculsoberic
They been banging the drum that "Bitcoin is dead" for the past 7 years. Now they've changed the story and crypto is an ecological nightmare.
It was bullshit before and it's bullshit now. That's how Zombie Media makes money, by shilling bullshit.

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