The El Salvador bitcoin bill was just voted, passing by supermajority and to applause in the El Salvador Congress. El Salvador is the world’s first bitcoin nation!

this hardworking bumblebee checked out all the flower blossoms in a minute or two

somehow i don’t see this new github feature being adopted by bitcoin core

csw going after square...biting off a bit more than he can chew?

yay, we are up to four nodes now testing the bitcoin p2p network as i2p services: build and run

Monday is the next Basque Country Bitcoin apéritif (at an outdoor bar near the lighthouse, overlooking the ocean)

starting the day with sport 🧘‍♂️🏋️‍♂️and slow-cooked veggies 🌶🥒🍅

How can you not love this crew? Happy Thanksgiving @bitcoinoptech

Great memories from the @LNconf in Berlin 🎈🚀

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