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The #XMPP Standards Foundation has been selected as a mentoring organization for this years #Google #Summer of Code!

If you are a college student and want to get payed to become a part of a great open source project that deals with open standards, check out the ideas page:

You can also propose your own awesome project idea!

@xmpp #gsoc #summerofcode

@TallTim @kekcoin @stevenroose @waxwing @sjors Sure, I’m not sure if I’ll keep this equipment or return it. I do know that, as a freelancer, health is my number one priority and I prefer to take preventative measures to protect that

@kekcoin @stevenroose if I were in the us the mestel products look good and reasonable, they are on amazon in the us as well, but they aren’t available here

@kekcoin @stevenroose see

yeah, i ordered a draeger 6300 along with the mira and will see what i keep and what i return during the 30 day amazon period

@stevenroose @kekcoin ah! where i am it's not unlikely, it's weekly hehe. but yeah, that's why i bought both P3 particle filters and also larger filters that can handle various gasses + P3 (e.g. the ones i linked to above, and also the czech ones with the mira cm6m)

i'm really hoping this will all calm down in the next 30 days and i can just return most of this stuff to amazon

@kekcoin @stevenroose i did find some cheap surgical masks for 30 cents each at the local pharmacy, the ones that are blue on one side and white on the other, but they are useful only for not infecting others, and are near worthless as protection. all the protective surgical masks were taken by the state 3 weeks ago

@kekcoin @stevenroose i read to avoid military surplus which is mostly obsolete/out of date stuff. i also could not find any n95/n99/p100 lightweight masks. those were my first choice but where i am (in europe) they are all sold out or were requisitioned by the government

@stevenroose @kekcoin don't have any experience here... only read that it depends on the filter, use (air quality, how much filtering is taking place, humidity), and how they are stored


figured i would try them and return whatever seems unsuitable or ill-fitting

meant to write “dräger” instead of dragen

bought the last P3 filters for 16 euros and a few of these for 25 euros each

@kekcoin @kekcoin thanks — I know very little about this... bought it on amazon in Europe, and also a dragen mask, and a fair number of dragen filters which were well rated and pretty much the last filters and masks in stock

@kekcoin @stevenroose @waxwing @TallTim @sjors

i ordered a full face model (Mira CM6M) with 2 filters and hydration bottle so you can hydrate without removing it

@kekcoin @stevenroose @waxwing @TallTim @sjors

i've never been a prepper but finally ordered a full face respirator, screw-on filters, gloves and suits yesterday, just in case... the last two are trivial in cost, the mask and filters were a bit more

@kekcoin @stevenroose @waxwing @TallTim


see also this thread between @sjors and i about lack of insurance coverage (it's considered force majeure)

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Next week, we're going to look at another PR to improve node-wallet separation. Russ will show us his PR #17954: Remove calls to Chain::Lock methods.

See you all there.

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TIL there's a draft RFC for oblivious-PRF based blind signing scheme (so distinct from both old RSA type, and also Chaumian or Brands type using Schnorr ).

Some background on what this is and why it's interesting; first, see: "privacypass":

... an extension you can use to bypass captchas by using blinded tokens. I'm not sure of current real world status, especially w.r.t using Tor browser, which is where it's be *really* useful!


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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #84 is here:

- seeks help testing a Bitcoin Core release candidate
- summarizes some discussion about the BIP119 OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY proposal
- includes regular section about notable code and documentation changes

@harding i thought real books made a big comeback... they certainly did with me

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