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Today’s Bitcoin Core PR review club is on #16702 "p2p: supplying and using asmap to improve IP bucketing in addrman".

If you've been wanting to learn about Erebus, Eclipse attacks, BGP hijacking and network-level attacks on Bitcoin, this week’s study notes and questions are a great place to start.

The session is today at 18:00 UTC on IRC -core-pr-reviews

The Pinebook seems like an excellent burner travel laptop and maybe much more

Next Wednesday’s PR review club is on #16702 "p2p: supplying and using asmap to improve IP bucketing in addrman" to diversify connections and increase Bitcoin's network security. This PR proposes one countermeasure among several to the Erebus attack.

Come discuss Bitcoin network security and the Erebus, Eclipse, and BGP hijacking attacks.

Study notes & questions are up:

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I just realised something obvious: the biggest advantage Joinmarket has over other coinjoins is, you can choose an amount and time, and that means you can feasibly make a payment as a coinjoin.
We have always known this advantage is very flawed because the recipient behaves distinctly in spending from other outputs.
But: if the recipient spends in a coinjoin structure (real or fake) it removes that trace.

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I was just reminded of what an excellent, concise summary of solutions for (EC)DLP this blog is:

How can you not love this crew? Happy Thanksgiving @bitcoinoptech

h/t to @harding for the outstanding review study notes on PR #15681 "[mempool] Allow one extra single-ancestor transaction per package"

Currently reading and studying interesting Lightning RFC anchor output discussions in PR 688

and the last 2 lightning-dev meetings


which have a compelling intersection with Bitcoin Core package relay

and merged PR #15681 "[mempool] Allow one extra single-ancestor transaction per package"

... no agreement yet in sight :)

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So apparently right now in , ISPs were ordered to block access to . I haven't seen a news article myself, but it seems to have been targeted at developers, but somehow many more random developers are affected, perhaps GitHub is even blocked nationwide. I don't live there anymore but my friends there tell me. This is insanity. The government accidentally ordering ISPs to block all access to GitHub. I'd not be able to do any work that day. Or week. We'll see.

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torrent magnet: URI 

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Taproot review moving to week 4. There's a section on resource limits that I will actually try to read, since this is a difficult area I haven't had a chance to get on top of yet.

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@openoms @Sosthene @Traca

Yes it's good if people play around with different behaviours. I would recommend using CLI and trying "both sides of the market" so to speak, also Traca's idea about using basically zero fee to gain more participation is worthwhile (I still think though, that as things work today, the "royal road" is to mix Taker and Maker roles).

Should be new release pretty soon, we are working pretty hard right now, because so many rough edges need to be smoothed over ...

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I thought this was great .. and I enjoyed consuming it :)

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The video of (co-author of Erlay research paper, presenting on the current state of P2P research in Bitcoin is up.

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if you're still using the 32-bit x86 (not ARM) Linux binaries of bitcoin core, please comment (with the reason, if possible) here:

we're discussing to remove them in the future

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If you don't have the time to check out the Stephan Livera podcast w/ @jon on contributing to Bitcoin Core give the transcript a read. Was a great interview

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