So what's the current Mastodon client you all are using? Looks like Amaroq is defunct..

A scammer is actively going through old CVE for exploitable conditions in old Bitcoin node software.

You should update your node software.

Incredible to see the total lack of simple comprehension on the part of people speculating about the FBI seizure of the ransomware coins. None of them should be anywhere near any advice-giving, any recommendations, any financial suggestions, whatsoever, ever.

Is there some way of only seeing subscribed users and subscribed domains..? All that other crap seems superfluous..

Unbelieveable. DOGE has been broken for how long now? And nobody even fucking noticed.

I'm watching literally one dude fix the Dogecoin network right now, single-handedly. Amazing..

Was in one of the larger banks here in Canada the other day and struck up a conversation with one of their FP type staff while waiting for a teller. At some point she turned the topic to Bitcoin (sigh) and after I asked her whether the bank was looking at it, she tells me, "We're pretty much going to be forced into it soon.."

Brutal, I said. Don't be bullied by FOMO'ers who can't be arsed to do it properly.


It's completely made my day today to learn that Melvin Capital and Citron Capital(?) likely closed out their naked, massively rehypothecated shorts with losses in the billions.

@timp Hey is the other mastodon-dot-social timp also you

@admin Hey thanks for the hidden service! Very nice man. Does Let's Encrypt do hidden services? If not, does the server require a TLS cert? Anyway thanks.

Just confirming the magic special I'm-waiting-here-for-you-in-the-state-I'm-in identifying methods:

How to know if you're talking to midnight:
Sig b-otc keyid: 0xDA9F87D87658F741
Sig gitian key: 0x28DF2724F241D8EE(signed by F741)
Sig b-otc btckey: (see gribble)
Challenge: twitter/midmagic, freenode/midnightmagic
x0f mastodon: midnightmagic
Ask: gmaxwell, nanotube, grubles, etc.

Huh. Toots and Replies from some other instances aren't showing up in the timelines. @BTCKitty appears to have an empty timeline when looking at it locally. Still connecting via Tor here.

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found it, I think;
Pref Flip: [HB Control] Privacy Badger Recommendation Enabled as of 2018-08-27 'release'
ver >= '61' preference-experiment changing: app.normandy.test.pribadg

makes me feel like a fking lab rat

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if you're using firefox—

- open about:config
- toggle app.normandy.enabled to false

this disables the "random" experiments that mozilla performs on you
(see and for a list)

don't know if this could potentially be targeted to remotely control someone's browser, but I don't like it

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