Huh. Toots and Replies from some other instances aren't showing up in the timelines. @BTCKitty appears to have an empty timeline when looking at it locally. Still connecting via Tor here.

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@BTCKitty Oh. Well even so—manually visiting the site works fine, as does looking at your post history.. Oh. Now I see just your response. Drat. Well, at least now I know it's not because I'm on Tor.

Thanks for helping me test what's going on.

@midnightmagic @BTCKitty possible explanation; mastodon instances don't retrieve toots from external instances unless a local user is subscribed to them, and even then old toots are not backloaded (yet).

@kekcoin @BTCKitty Yeah, looks like the messages were just too old. My misapprehension of how Mastodon works. Thanks!

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