@waxwing They're wrong, as you note. Bitcoin is not violence. That's just another absurd doublethink attack..

Incredible to see the total lack of simple comprehension on the part of people speculating about the FBI seizure of the ransomware coins. None of them should be anywhere near any advice-giving, any recommendations, any financial suggestions, whatsoever, ever.

@ThatWouldBeTelling Ah, good then. I was wondering; I arrived here from a pretty toxic that-which-persists on Twitter, so it's a shock to find civility. :-)

@ThatWouldBeTelling So do I know you from somewhere too? This Mastodon stuff is a little rougher finding people than the alts. :-)

@drgo @ThatWouldBeTelling Amarok is passable for mobile. I can follow the thread here if I click through to a direct post in it.

@drgo The server software is a nightmare. Maybe one day a nice tight little monolithic Python or C daemon will appear..

@drgo @pete I'm currently using Amarok, but I very much dislike that it's the best one I've found. Big sloppy buttons, no sign of post replies, no real threading. Urk.

@michaelfolkson @orionwl It's okay, gribble is nanotube's; I apologize. I was very specific that the new dev channels NOT have any interference from any of the non-dev ops, bot or otherwise. When I get back to a laptop I'll correct that. I'll also delete our flags from the devs channels. sipa is missing: if someone neutral could gateway his Tor connections I think he'd come back faster.

@bitcoinmagazine @btcization Is this excluding or including change and transfer-to-self?

@drgo Also, argh, I wish there was a visual threading for these conversations. :-) I can't tell if I responded already.

@Majes @nvk @fluffypony Was really hoping Signal would kill the phone number thing but they just didn't, and now with the shitcoin.. I think maybe they won't. So disappointing.

@drgo @hogihung I missed your voice. Occasionally I get a "lack" of flavour in my Twitter feed and thinking about it, realize someone is missing. I thought Twotter was censoring my feed again. Urk.

@drgo @hogihung I saw a Doctor on Twitter talking about resigning to pursue a purpose-driven life and I was thinking.. wtf. Where did my friend go.. Some choade has your handle now. That insulted me. And so I set out to find you!

@drgo @hogihung It's so very pleasant to have sat down and count every war, every murder, every pandemic, ever, and find that Borlaug saved more than all that combined. He really did redeem us all, forever.

@drgo @ThatWouldBeTelling I think it's because sufficiently mutated antibody escape variants are infecting people who were previously infected at rates similar to those who were not; and that vaccines work against those variants better. Unfortunately.


@drgo Some people miss the cycle for whatever reason and are stuck waiting again: an exchange died, or an exit-scam, or whatever. Sitting on too much but not enough _yet_ is a real problem for some.

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