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bitcoin core code mirrors 

my personal bitcoin git repository—which mirrors upstream branches+tags of a few projects—is available through a TorV3 service on nxshomzlgqmwfwhcnyvbznyrybh3go
(instructions for cloning are on the website)

[bitcoin] Merged PR from practicalswift: Add syscall sandboxing using seccomp-bpf (Linux secure computing mode)

Got bots doing transactions on regtest in this branch:

where there's a simple c-lightning plugin (see that allows the bots to use LN as a "message channel".

It's still early but it was fun to observe that even with all on localhost, doing it this way was faster than a miniircd instance (which is as simple as IRC gets).

It'll be slightly slower over Tor of course. But speed is only a very minor consideration here.

"The only picture of #Venus Surface taken by Soviet Venera Probe in 1981."

-Credits: Roscosmos-

what's up with the

/usr/bin/which: this version of `which` is deprecated; use `command -v` in scripts instead.

on debian testing ? is there any guidance or documentation on deprecation of 'which' ?

the dependency chain for Debian's qttools5-dev-tools, which i only need for 'lrelease' (the translations compiler), is really strange, why would it need system background services like avahi-daemon, usb-modeswitch, wpasupplicant

i'm kind of disappointed that stopped (, was looking forward to the Helios64

does anyone know of any other NAS devices that come with free software? clearly nothing will beat its aesthetics but…

just clicked through pages of docusign stuff and four screens of captchas to relicense a single LLVM commit from 2009, hope they're happy now,

I am looking for (f/m/x) in Berlin who can help us with electronics rework from time to time (freelance/mini job). Required skills are clean (de)soldering THT and basic SMD components, diagnosing basic problems with multimeter/osc, testing hardware, handling customer repairs. Contact:

of course, that's when my main laptop (Librem 15v4) decides to die (black screen, doesn't turn on), it's out of the warranty but i hope they still want to fix it

New release of Joinmarket.

Includes use of fidelity bonds (think: timelocked outputs acting as "skin in the game" to prevent Sybil attacks):

Release notes give the necessary details as usual.

Quiz: Which Bitcoin Core data-structure does this visualization show?

#riscv RISC-V bit manipulation extensions are finally public and are open for public comment.

matrix has a neat new feature called spaces, where you can house multiple channels kinda like discord or slack.

i really like the new firefox (89.0) ui design with built-in dark theme

Just saw on the matrix lightning integration channel that these guys are now bundling matrix (along with already: tor, bitcoind, lnd, c-lightning, mastodon) into their "embassy" node package (which is a packaged raspi as i understand):

libera's matrix bridging functionality works surprisingly well, to access bitcoin-core-dev through a matrix (instead of IRC) client you can use:

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