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Any recommendations from the Scaling Bitcoin 2019 set of talks?

I'm continuing my exploration of the cypherpunks mailing list. Here is a mail from Tim May discussing the rationale and risks of a cashless society which is eerily relevant for today (it's 1992 folks!)

"The vulnerability that is being exploited in all systems is identity" - Snowden

rust-bitcoin merged a refactor of the Address type that now allows creating bech32 addresses of versions higher than 1 and it supports creating addresses from scriptPubKeys.
About to release v0.19!
#CodeUpdate #Bitcoin #Rust

@cjd The thing to understand about Chromebooks, though, is that they're toasters, not general purpose computers. I once referred to Macs as Disneyland, where you get the park and then the deep bowels where cast members roam. This is far more true of Chromebook. Google and Apple both have an interest in keeping the divide between users and developers vast.

Here's my tech startup idea:

A printer that actually works

@orionwl Thank you and everyone else who has participated in this version

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OCD is not liking things tidy.
Bipolar is not a mood swing.
Depression isn’t feeling sad.
Anxiety disorders are not normal emotions.
Schizophrenia is not a split personality.
Autism is not being good at Maths.
Mental health is not mental illness.
Mental illness is not terrorism.


"[The Librem 5] will also have a removable battery, a feature that Apple long ago abandoned in the interest of svelte devices."

Zero Knowledge podcast ep 88 with Fisch on accumulators - worth a listen.

does anyone please have suggestions on how to remove a stuck tiny screw ?

it's a PH00/40 philips screw, which was screwed in too tightly, and while trying to unscrew it it damaged and no longer catches on with a screwdriver

An independent security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the OLED of hardware wallets in April 2019. Trezor Model T has a TFT display and is immune. Updating to the latest firmware v1.8.2 for Trezor One mitigates the issue. Read our disclosure:

Can we PLEASE get simpler CPUs again? I don't want none of that speculative execution crap anymore… #SWAPGS

@EdS @emilio A related Life project: A group of hackers from accepted the a challenge and spent ~2 years to develop a 16-bit clockless RISC CPU inside #GameOfLife to build a Tetris machine.

Nevertheless, the size of this computer is 2,940,928 x 10,295,296, not sure if can be ran on a retrocomputer... It also needs a extended Game of Life engine to write keyboard input directly to the RAM section.

Next Friday at #DEFCON27, Roger Dingledine will get you up to speed on the ways governments have tried to block Tor, walk through our upcoming steps to stay ahead, and give you some new—easier—ways that let you help censored users reach the internet safely. #DEFCON #censorship

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