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bitcoin core code mirrors 

my personal bitcoin git repository—which mirrors upstream branches+tags—is available through a TorV3 service on nxshomzlgqmwfwhcnyvbznyrybh3go
(instructions for cloning are on the website)

i'm also mirroring it to the radicle ( P2P code collaboration platform:


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lightning node information 

i've had to shut down all channels to my old lightning node due to a database inconsistency, if you want, you can connect to the new one:




the thing is that it is intermittently noisy, it will be okay for a few days then suddenly it sounds as if something is stuck in it, but isn't, cleaned it so many times

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i hope they will mount a better fan on the HiFive Unmatched the one on the Unleashed is soo noisy, really need to replace it someday— or move the thing somewhere no one is bothered by the noise

@orionwl 😆

For @notion I changed the keybindings for splitting from 'h' and 'v' to 'I' and 'Shift-I' - and still get it wrong sometimes 😆

im always confused by how vim's :vsplit splits the screen horizontally

TIL there is a 'gpg' python module that interfaces to gnupg through a shared library (libgpgme)

detached signature validation is a simple method call, this makes things much easier, and more robust:

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Time preference question: Suppose you sent coins to a timelocked address (made with OP_CLTV). How many years/decades would the coins have to be locked up for so that to you it's just the same thing as just destroying them?

the log of today's Bitcoin Core Review Club meeting is an interesting read if you want to learn about wallet transaction (re)broadcast semantics

(thanks @jon for putting it up)

we've created a Matrix room for discussion of Matrix-LN integration

let's do in-chat payments the right way 😀

when did linux "top" become so fancy, or is this a specific thing ?

hadn't used it for a long time (but instead htop, bpytop, etc), on debian it still looks plain as ever

somehow i don’t see this new github feature being adopted by bitcoin core

How silly would it sound to say, because few people can play the musical instruments required to record a song and then edit and produce it, that sharing sheet music, recorded loops, etc is a waste of time and has not really improved music?

Both that example and free software are remix cultures, and the same logic is used to shit on free software apparently. Piracy for example is not a remix culture; you don't get anything other than the end result to try to mess with.

@sebx2a and I just released v1.0.0 of the bip39 crate!

It supports no_std, 1.29+ and has barely any dependencies.

TIL that make-doc (the GNU make documentation) is in Debian non-free, which means it is not available on Debian variants that only ship freely-licensed packages

Photographer Bjorn Steinbekk flew drones over lava fields and the erupting volcano in Geldingadal.

1/ Interview with climate change scientist Abe Cambridge

Thread 👇

@abecambridge is the founder and CEO of @TheSunExchange, the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform.

[secp256k1] Merged PR from sipa: Safegcd inverses, drop Jacobi symbols, remove libgmp

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