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Starting in a bit less than 2 hours, today’s Bitcoin Core PR Review Club is on two small commits from @pwuille's Taproot PR. @jnewbery hosts. Notes and questions are on the website.

this PR is a great example of the extensive detective work that goes into ensuring that a build system produces deterministic binaries 😅

Copywriters, front-end devs, testers, and content reviewers: Can you help us bring our documentation up-to-date and make it relevant for millions worldwide?

Please join our second #DocsHackathon March 22-30.

This is a totally remote and online event.

Translations for the upcoming 0.20 release have opened, please help with localization of Bitcoin Core in your language:

Seems I haven't recovered my follows from accounts yet since the glitch from some time ago 😢. I suspect mine's not the only account this has happened to?

@orionwl would you mind boosting this so people on your instance can re-follow any bitcoinhackers they are interested in?

Every time I make an on-chain payment to a merchant I'm reminded of how problematic the UI is for payments that can take 20-60 seconds to even be *recognized*, let alone confirmed. Different web interfaces work differently but it's never actually intuitive.

All the people for the last two years who actually said they doubt Lightning will work *because it's a complex user experience*, just left me 🤦‍♂️

One by one, the stars went out.
"You know what's annoying?" he said.
"With the world ending? No, what?"
"That until it does, life goes on."
"Is that bad?"
"No, but... I still have to cook dinner, and wipe the kids' noses, and..."
They sat silent.
"Love your dumplings, tho."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

PSA: reminder that also has a synapse/matrix server, if you're on here and interested in an address let me know

Here are some candy hearts written by the neural net GPT-2. It's one of the most powerful text-generating neural nets out there, but I don't think it really knows what is expected of a candy heart.

This paper seems like a superb introduction to making contributions to Bitcoin Core:

Wednesday's Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting is on #18044: Use wtxid for transaction relay (mempool, p2p) by Suhas Daftuar. Come discuss wtxids, tx relay/delay, AlreadyHave(), rolling bloom filters, mempool, orphans/rejects/confirmed txns, mapRelay and more:

I just really want a nice Linux tablet that I can take notes on for school. Anyone know of any tablets that are easy to root, or Linux-first tablets?

@6102 @waxwing Heh I didn't realize that before decrypting, you don't know which key to use to decrypt it. Specifying the output spent unencrypted also is not a good idea.
You're right, but the check is really obvious to make...

just pre-ordered a Librem 5 phone 😀 , too bad it'll only ship in 6 months or so

"This is the future, I’m afraid. An automated future where no one actually knows how things work."

is anyone still using the binaries for 32-bit x86 linux?
if you do, please let us know—the current idea is to phase them out in the not-so-distant future

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