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@orionwl there is now a u-boot-sifive package in Debian experimental and also 'opensbi' (RISC-V Open Source Supervisor Binary Interface).

Maintainer of opensbi and u-boot also did a presentation wrt RISC-V in Debian:

There is now also a section "Setting up a riscv64 virtual machine with u-boot and opensbi" added on (and some other updates)

There's also reasonable activity on -riscv (OFTC)

just created a repository with a Kendryte K210 SoC memory map (reverse-engineered from various sources) and additional demos:
- the glyph mapping one that I posted a video of
- and an OTP dumper tool

I intend to add some more in the future as time allows

"dinosaur infested" must be the best metaphor for dangerously tricky code that I've ever seen

Aweigh is an open source navigation system that does not rely on satellites: it is inspired by the mapping of celestial bodies and the polarized vision of insects.

/cc: @neauoire @rek

"Yeah, so I found out my new house is haunted."
"You know who you should call? Ghostbusters!"
"Oh? Do they have an email address?"
"Just call them!"
"Ah. Can I text them?"
"No, just call them."
"Um. Never said I minded the ghost. It's not that bad."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Jason Scott just dumped the ZIL source code for every infocom game on github. Clone it before Activision's lawyers wake up. And now we see how long it takes for the internet to produce a compiler for a language that's been dead for 30+ years from a cache of production grade source code for said language. We've had compiled z-machine files, but never the original ZIL.

Kendryte K210 / Maix Go memory map and boot sequence
did a little bit of reverse engineering again

this is running a small bare-metal C program compiled using the RISC-V gcc toolchainβ€”would have preferred rust but that doesn't have a bsp for this chip yet

these (Sipeed Maix Go) are really great toys for playing around with computer vision and image processing on RISC-V !

here shown my favorite effect, real-time glyph mapping

TIL there is a Z-machine implementation (for the 80's Infocom text adventures) in Verilog that can be synthesized to FPGA/hardware

I like the exercise in removing abstraction/interpretation layers instead of adding them, in today's virtualization-on-virtualization world

I like how the WebAssembly WASI spec learned from CloudABI with regard to capability-based security for the file system interface, taking the principle of least authority to heart (

oooh gdb has colors now (version 8.2.50), including syntax highlighting, this is pretty !
(also: it works on my SiFive Unleashed board after upgrading the kernel to 5.x)

Good news: Bitcoin Core moving forward with switch to bech32 receiving addresses by default for the 0.19 release, or optionally 0.20, depending on bech32 sending support in other programs/services.

More info:




there's a funding initiative by Square for Bitcoin Core devs, apparently? (sorry for birdsite link)β€”if you're actively involved in Bitcoin Core's development and need this funding, and would like me to write a recommendation for you, let me know!

Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 release candidate 2 is available for testing

Preliminary release notes for the release can be found here:

An issue has been opened on github to report experiences while testing:

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