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bitcoin core code mirrors 

my personal bitcoin git repository—which mirrors upstream branches+tags—is available through a TorV3 service on nxshomzlgqmwfwhcnyvbznyrybh3go
(instructions for cloning are on the website)

i'm also mirroring it to the radicle ( P2P code collaboration platform:


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lightning node information 

i've had to shut down all channels to my old lightning node due to a database inconsistency, if you want, you can connect to the new one:




i extracted the parts of the bpytop code that handle key/mouse input and (with some minor changes) it works great, this was exactly what i was looking for

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TIL it's not possible to remove "su" on either Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian, it is part of util-linux which contains a lot of necessary utilities
(even "sudo" was a "protected dependency" on Fedora, and part of the ubuntu-minimal umbrella on Ubuntu, though it can be uninstalled)

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can we please get rid of sudo and all other setuid executables already
(and replace them with some sensible, capability based privilege delegation scheme)

@pete @harding Boss level backup achieved!

1. Our machines backup to local backup host L using duplicity. Mostly incremental, but full every ~2 months
2. rsync L to remote host R (R uses btrfs)
3. L sends a .snap file to R
4. cron job on R triggers on .snap file and creates read-only snapshot

Snapshot cleaning (to reclaim disk space) on R is manual at the moment, but should last at least 6 months.

Seems to work nicely. I can even restore stuff from it.

Thank you so much for all your input.

interesting mailing list post about research and development of libre/open cryptographic ASICs, verification, assurance

are there any python modules that can handle terminal *input* only? i have my own framework for output, but i'd like to detect key presses (also of special keys like arrow keys) and mouse clicks

i do not want to use ncurses

ZeroNet looks like an interesting project.
"Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network"

Maybe it's good alternative / backup for the website?

cc @orionwl

Increased the font size of the #Firefox menu/tab/url bars.

In about:config, changing layout.css.devPixelsPerPx did not work for me: that increases the size of the icons etc and the webpage text, but not the menu/tab/url fonts.

Instead, I enabled `toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets` in about:config and added a `chrome/userChrome.css` to my local profile dir.

cleaning out my gmail box

i will hold on to the google account to prevent impersonation, but please don't use it anymore, if you really need to mail me use my protonmail address (i strongly prefer other contact methods though like IRC+OTR or on here)

Hard to think of a more bad ass coat of arms than the one Zheleznogorsk, a closed town in Russia that was dedicated to the production of plutonium, has.


Super excited to announce the project that's been occupying my evenings over the last year: Nakamoto is a new light-client written in Rust.

h/t @belcher , a new paper on LN privacy, a notably interesting thing here is that they tried to use blockchain evidence to quantify and analyse/cluster private channels. It's interesting data (see Section 3.2), but of course these kinds of heuristics, while very reliable for now, will over time not be since LN's anon set on chain will merge more with other utxos.

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