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@6102 @waxwing Heh I didn't realize that before decrypting, you don't know which key to use to decrypt it. Specifying the output spent unencrypted also is not a good idea.
You're right, but the check is really obvious to make...

just pre-ordered a Librem 5 phone 😀 , too bad it'll only ship in 6 months or so

"This is the future, I’m afraid. An automated future where no one actually knows how things work."

is anyone still using the binaries for 32-bit x86 linux?
if you do, please let us know—the current idea is to phase them out in the not-so-distant future

so @bitcoinmerges was down for more than two months and no one noticed ? 😅

lol whoops i just confused the Purism logo with an empty battery indicator at boot 😊

The netherlands is insane with their new years fireworks. All day there are fireworks going off literally every second with no break. Even though im out in the country there is a gunpowder fog in every direction. You open a window it smells like sulfur everywhere.

after upgrading Ubuntu to 19.10, grub no longer boots automatically

it boots into a > prompt and i have to type "normal" to continue the boot process (which otherwise proceeds normally, after that)

does anyone have an idea what could be the problem ?
(i've tried "sudo update-grub", which runs successfully but doesn't change anything)

Every now and then I manage to disable the touchpad on this laptop without knowing how, and looking for a way to enable it again, without knowing how. Checked my blog. double tapped in all the corners. Tried all the fn + function key combos. Any other ideas?
#purism #pureos #debian

oh nice (fedora repo) started updating packages again

This is amazing, we evolved the alphabet from pictograms to highly stylized characters to letters and now we're going full circle by incorporating emojis such as 🐂 that thousands of years earlier became "a" and 🐟 that became "d"

“ Don't kill yourself, please

If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care

Christmas can be a hard time for people

If you see this on your [timeline], ret[oot] it. You could save a life.”


my biggest criticism about the original Star Wars is that they called it a "Death Star". any evil imperialist organization worth its salt would hire a consulting firm to come up with something like "Liberation Sphere"

dear TV manufacturers, please provide a hardware switch labeled "force all the digital image enhancements off" which turns the display into a monitor

some of you using mastodon's report function … come on, disagreeing with instance-wide blocks doesn't make someone "complicit in mass shootings"

Really excited that Mozilla has selected Matrix, and as the successor to IRC for all their community chat needs! The future will be open - both open source, open open standard and open web :D

c-lightning continues its legacy of hilarious release names with 0.8.0:

A notable new feature is the ability to receive multi-path payments. Meaning we're well on the way of being able to use our nodes' combined channel capacity for payments, instead of having to fit them in a single channel or route. 2020 looks ever more promising for #LightningNetwork!

I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, “focus follows mouse”

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