I've created @bitcoinmerges!
this bot will send a toot every time something is merged into the bitcoin core github repository, similar to Pierre Rochard's bitcoinmerges on birdsite

it's based on a slight modification of @pierre_rochard 's code (
I'll submit a patch upstream once I've cleaned it up a bit

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if anyone has ideas for other development-related bots that would be useful, please let me know

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one other thing that might be useful (in a different bot) is newly opened pull requests

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@kekcoin @orionwl adding a filter like "only from users who have previously gotten a PR merged" would clean up 99% of spam

@orionwl Github statistics in general. Open/Closed issues, pull requests, etc. Inclusive graphs

@orionwl Meeting completion announcements and links; Release announcements; new-tag announcements; re-org events on the main and tn3 chains; strange blocks on the mainchain (e.g. less-spends or non-standards); periodic UTXO announces (total; growth since last report;) a bot that accepts messages and auto-OTS stamps their contents? Hrm..

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