what is this with firefox asking me to install EFF privacy badger, while I already had it installed for years?

… where is this coming from
the link talks about some rating system: wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Shiel

there's nothing about recommending plugins, this smells fishy


found it, I think; jeffersonscher.com/sumo/shield
Pref Flip: [HB Control] Privacy Badger Recommendation Enabled as of 2018-08-27 'release'
ver >= '61' preference-experiment changing: app.normandy.test.pribadg

makes me feel like a fking lab rat

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if you're using firefox—

- open about:config
- toggle app.normandy.enabled to false

this disables the "random" experiments that mozilla performs on you
(see wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox/Shiel and jeffersonscher.com/sumo/shield for a list)

don't know if this could potentially be targeted to remotely control someone's browser, but I don't like it

I hate this opt-out via hidden settings mentality.
Mozilla is no better then other privacy killing business with this approach

@httpeter I think this is unacceptable too !

it used to be that they ask at first run (or first run after it is introduced) whether you want to participate in these kind of things

but I don't think that was the case here

@orionwl at least not that I know. Using ff on many systems. And once opted out, in theory, you would have to check this setting after every update again.

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