just upgraded linux kernel to 4.20 on my laptop to and everything seems a lot smoother
I think because the driver for the onboard AMD GPU was improved since 4.15

Just for the onboard or for every AMD GPU?

I have a new AMD GPU (Vega 64) but not build into my system as it seems to add to my stability issues on my system (a couple of kernel versions ago).
My issue (random freezes) is most likely MB <-> RAM, but (now) I'm not ruling out that my (old) GPU (nvidia) could also be a problem source.

@FreePietje well I can only speak for my own hardware but I guess it's an improvement all over the board, especially for newer AMD GPUs; with Ubuntu Bionic's default kernel this GPU (AMD Stoney RIdge) is only barely supported
So maybe it helps for you too—it's worth a try I guess?

@orionwl I think/assume that they'd use the same graphics driver across the board. But an APU could be different.
Yeah, wouldn't hurt to try again :)

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