@orionwl How do you feel about starting a trend in which people reply to posts like these (f.e.) with their actual test results?

I tend to compile new tags (and also other commits) whenever I'm (made) aware of it. And when it succeeds, I update my (main) node with it.
But 'you' would never know I or others actually have done it.
(I would report bugs if it fails)

(It's probably useful to standardize the testing and reporting so it's also actually usable)

@jon's toot made me actually run tests

@jon @orionwl
Awesome :D

It would be great if such an issue is created with each tag/release and mentioned in a toot/tweet such as OP.

"Monkey see, monkey do" kind of idea

@FreePietje @jon mentioning the issue in the RC announcements makes sense, yes, will try to do that next time

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