as all the free data storage services seem to be expiring:

are there any services where one can pay with lightning to store—not hosting, just private access through SFTP or WebDAV—say, a few 100GB of data ?

(access through a Tor hidden service would be nice but not required—and i can handle encryption myself 😀 so no fancy client is needed)

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@orionwl I've long wanted someone to create a protocol for monthly storage paid via lightning. There are some interesting things you can do, such as charge for storage and give one free re-download, then charge for following ones. That would let you use it for hosting, too...

@rusty @orionwl monthly storage for yourself only? Or storage that anyone can download from?

@orionwl @rusty For distribution to others there's lots of services like which host files for file sharing forums. You can pay for them with Bitcoin as well.

@rusty @orionwl are there any tools out there that can help me start developing _on top_ of the LN ? I am really impressed about the possibilities and have some ideas.

@rusty @orionwl I'd say tack on a recurring fee for keeping it stored even when there's no downloads.

@orionwl no Bitcoin support unfortunately but otherwise is great SFTP compatible storage.

@orionwl Haven't checked if they accept cryptocurrencies, but use and recommend /e/ foundation WebDAV cloud storage:

@black_sun thanks, i currently use and mega, a lot of these things exist if you drop that requirement, but would prefer something that can be paid w/ lightning

@orionwl pCloud offers WebDAV (yet it requires disabling 2FA) and accepts Bitcoin payment. I have use it briefly in the past, therefore cannot offer a solid opinion. Here's a list that you may find useful:

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