disclaimer: i know nothing about IPFS, only that it is a bit like a distributed CDN / content-addressable storage

would it feasible, or useful, to host (which is generated static HTML) as well as the downloads on it ?

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@orionwl Yes, It's very feasible, although I think Bittorrent is better suited for downloads. Not sure about usefulness, as people still need to discover the entrypoint somehow.

Perhaps adding signed commits to the core repo, which include the new hash after website updates, make sense (perhaps even in the release tag/commit). Alternatively, there is IPNS and DNSLink discovery for example....

@raucao the website is already a repository with signed top-level commits (see

(this is a strict requirement: the script that updates will only update the site if top-level commits are signed)

i proposed IPFS purely as measure to prevent a single point of failure—e.g. to mitigate DDoS, site takedown

yes, torrents are better for downloads and we already have those, but due to their granularity they're not usable for websites


You can find the entire site/directory on your own node like so:

`ipfs ls QmXkGEJrcYSrpFpDGiK2KrWhrquYFmG1B3oFr2RiKdvmNc`

The main problem to solve would turning all links into relative links, which seems to be a bit of a PITA with Jekyll still.

@orionwl Here's one hacky way of generating parent path "../" prefixes for example:

Not sure what they current best practice is in Jekyll.

@orionwl So, anyway, that directory content ID will change, when the contents of the directory change, of course. So that's the one people would need to know about, when not using other discovery protocols.

@orionwl Since you just boosted it again, I'm in the process of adjusting the links. It's rather simple, and merely grunt work. I'll have a fully working site on IPFS when I'm done.

Then I could open a PR for just the links (so the site works regardless of URL depth in general), and then look at a potential release procedure/script.

@orionwl does it support custom headers for static websites?

@Clashicly yes, apparently one can set custom headers w/ config option API.HTTPHeaders.* see

@orionwl Very cool. Looks like a drop in replacement for AWS S3 and Azure Storage Acct. I wonder if an IPFS site could be taken offline via DMCA or just some cancel culture pressure.

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