the (not bitcoin-dev) mailing list is now officially an announcements list

it was already *effectively* an announcements list for a long time—no discussion ever happened on it—but it is set up as moderated now

so if you are interested in a low-traffic list for notifications of releases, release candidates and security warnings, subscribe to:

@orionwl istm some discussion still took place there? maybe i am confusing it with another mailing list

@orionwl ah, hm, bitcoin-dev versus bitcoin-core-dev i suppose

@orionwl May be worth cross posting announcements of Core releases to both bitcoin-dev and bitcoin-core-dev mailing lists. I subscribe to both but Bitcoin Core releases would surely be of interest to bitcoin-dev mailing list.

@michaelfolkson releases are generally cross-posted to both, RCs only go to bitcoin-core-dev, because the latter is a pure notification list, it would be too noisy to clutter -dev with

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