just a heads up: please grab your own copy of the whitepaper and store it carefully

there are some unsavory characters using legal threats to use its uncertain licensing status to bully sites into removing it from the internet

i will not provide any details at this time

@orionwl I don't know what prompted you to go along with removing it from so quickly, but I hope that you will put it back when the dust settles.

@kekcoin what about you just host it yourself 😀
conserve what you care about

@orionwl Of course, yes, I will take action to have it hosted elsewhere (not as a personal entity). But the options are not mutually exclusive ;) And frankly speaking, it should just *also* be on

@orionwl Good and bad news. The bad news is none of the places I have access to were willing to start hosting the whitepaper. The good news is that they already were.

@kekcoin @orionwl I think there are enough people that can host it/choose this battle. @orionwl's time can be spent better on development rather than getting involved in silly legal fights. DoS via the legal system basically.

@sjors @orionwl I vaguely remember this. I think there was a python script somewhere to extract it?

@orionwl just added the white paper to my website, should have done it a long time ago anyway.

I'll take some time to study your other post about mirroring core repo and see what I can do for that

@Sosthene @orionwl See my recent toot, I have mirror along with the original bitcoin code on my website:

I also own the domain which I am happy to point to anyone that is mirroring the whitepaper and/or other proofs that Craig Wright is a fraud.


@timp Wait, so, you're a shitcoiner because you can't see the whitepaper while you shit? Does that make bitcoiners peecoiners?

@kekcoin Depends on if you have a male or female plug?

@kekcoin Okay, okay. You win. You can come take my bicycle.

@kekcoin Haha. You surely could interpret it like that (as a reference to Germans stealing everyone's bike during WW2), but in my case it's the only thing to my name. 🙂

@orionwl we should store it in all forks chains — and while we’re at it, lets also encode the bitcoin source code too.

They wanted big blocks and cheap transactions for a reason right?

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