"foliate" is imo by far the best epub reader, for any platform :

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@orionwl thanks! i've been using calibre forever, i wouldn't mind trying something new

@keith tbh i haven't used calibre as a reader much, only to convert between formats

but foliate seems to handle e.g. embedded images and equations better than i've seen from fbreader, calibre and even my Kobo e-reader

@orionwl it looks really nice, i'm looking forward to trying it. i'm not knocking calibre, but i think it's a little clunky as a reader (using it on debian right now). still, i've never really bothered to look into alternatives... UNTIL NOW 😆

@orionwl I use calibre also for conversion and it hooks to my kindle so it is great for that, and you can do the command line conversions also, but it sucks as a reader, at a quick glance, foliate seems to have all the reader features and more. For relaxed comfort I prefer a dedicated device like a kindle but ux is a bit clumsy, maybe amazon should hire the foliate devs.

@121 yes

it woudn't necessarily have to be, it's based on GTK and there's also GTK for other platforms, but no one ported it to other platforms yet

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