a more detailed write-up about the taproot activation (to go into the release notes) can be found here: github.com/bitcoin-core/bitcoi
(thanks @harding)

@orionwl @harding

can I use bitcoin-cli to track the signaling progress?

@harding @orionwl
what does the "since" field mean in getblockchaininfo's output? how can I check how many of the blocks have been signalling?

@pox @orionwl since is the height of the block where the last status change occurred. During STARTED, that's the height where signaling blocks started being counted.

I don't think you can get the number of signaling blocks with a single RPC command. If you want to implement checking yourself, you can use the versionhex in either debug.log or the results of `getblock`. Taproot is using bit 2. See the versionbits FAQ for details about bits: bitcoincore.org/en/2016/06/08/

@harding @orionwl

I think this is correct:

gawk -F'[= ]' '/UpdateTip/ { print("block="$7" taproot="and($9,2)) }' <~/.bitcoin/debug.log

@harding @pox @orionwl once signaling officially starts getblockchaininfo will report the number of signaling blocks in the current period

@pox @harding @orionwl no you can use that to figure out signaling in previous periods or on smaller collections of blocks. Also writing awk is good for it's own sake!

@pox @ajtowns @orionwl sorry I steered you wrong! I should've tested on regtest.

@harding @pox @orionwl in another 1155 blocks you should be able to test on testnet


Is there a easy to understand and use #Dockerfile for building Bitcoin Core Fullnodes?

#docker #bitcoin

@orionwl will the bip9 start_time be a different value in the final release? or is it really set to two days from now?

@pox @orionwl it's really set to two days from now, although actual signalling won't be counted until the next retarget. Speedy Trial makes early signaling safe.

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