i'm kind of disappointed that stopped (, was looking forward to the Helios64

does anyone know of any other NAS devices that come with free software? clearly nothing will beat its aesthetics but…

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@livestradamus thanks, that looks pretty interesting !
i've thought about using some single board computer, but they generally don't come with SATA (let alone plenty of ports), and also it's hard to find a suitable enclosure which fits drives at all but isn't huge like a PC tower

@livestradamus i've looked at it in some more detail-still looks promising to me, love the compact case, 2x 3.5" 2x 2.5" is enough for me; the only thing i'm slightly doubtful about is that the four drives share an USB3 bus with the ethernet controller

now, top notch performance isn't *super* important to me, it's more about being able to do RAID for reliability, but still, it shouldn't be sluggish, looking forward to hearing about people's experiences with it

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