According to jwz, a fully FOSS, global, permissionless, voluntary currency is "incredibly toxic to the open web", while the bankster-run, elitist financial system that excludes literally an entire *third of all of humanity* is not.

Imagine people had to actually formulate a coherent argument to make waves, instead of posting a couple hundred characters of emotional outburst with zero substance on social media.


@raucao it's the end of a lot of naivete to realize our childhood "free internet FOSS hacker" types are all uncritical of the financial status quo

like, i absolutely understand some NFT skepticism, but being against taking bitcoin donations while accepting any mainstream, bigco-backed payment system is just incoherent

i feel much less part of the FOSS world anymore tbh

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@orionwl @raucao I felt the shift of narrative, the rise of socialism in EU and the never stronger neoliberal States. Exactly why the whole new system is needed, but it turns out the ones in power are ahead and turned the communities against each other.
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