does anyone please have suggestions on how to remove a stuck tiny screw ?

it's a PH00/40 philips screw, which was screwed in too tightly, and while trying to unscrew it it damaged and no longer catches on with a screwdriver

the librem 15 v4 arrived ! 🎉

not sure yet whether i'm going to keep PureOS (a Debian variant) or change over to QubesOS

trying to figure out wayland configuration to set up an external 4k HDMI monitor, right now it keeps insisting on 1080p max (however, same cable + monitor combo works at 4k 30Hz with another laptop)

40×30 chars is not a lot but it still works to keep track of e.g. builds in process, just pipe anything to nc at the appropriate ip/port

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"dinosaur infested" must be the best metaphor for dangerously tricky code that I've ever seen

(from the recently open-sourced MS-DOS v2.0 source code)
the DOS programmers clearly didn't like some of the INT 21h system calls, AH=1Bh "Get allocation table information" they named SleazeFunc

just noticed how similar the RISC-V and Europol logos are

what kind of conspiracy is this 😂

whoops, noticed that I hadn't added the repository at all, after doing so and 500+ upgraded packages, board is running bleeding edge FC19 instead of a rawhide from early this year

recompiling everything with the much newer gcc + libraries, let's see if it will be an improvement

… where is this coming from
the link talks about some rating system:

there's nothing about recommending plugins, this smells fishy

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tip: if the ludicrously high title bars in ubuntu 18.04 bother you, put the following in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css:

.default-decoration {
min-height: 0px;
padding: 2px;

.default-decoration .titlebutton {
min-height: 0px;
padding: 0px;

(yea I know I know I'd probably better switch to another wm but I want to give this at least a chance)

I very much like the live preview when switching sessions in the new tmux

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