Here are some candy hearts written by the neural net GPT-2. It's one of the most powerful text-generating neural nets out there, but I don't think it really knows what is expected of a candy heart.

This paper seems like a superb introduction to making contributions to Bitcoin Core:

@emil if it's anything to go by, i'm still connected
note that chat(.)freenode(.)net is an alias for a random freenode server, in my case (adams(.)freenode(.)net, if your random pick fails you could try it directly)

Wednesday's Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting is on #18044: Use wtxid for transaction relay (mempool, p2p) by Suhas Daftuar. Come discuss wtxids, tx relay/delay, AlreadyHave(), rolling bloom filters, mempool, orphans/rejects/confirmed txns, mapRelay and more:

I just really want a nice Linux tablet that I can take notes on for school. Anyone know of any tablets that are easy to root, or Linux-first tablets?

@kekcoin @jon i have the 15v4 model, i'm very happy with it, build quality feels solid, it has a sharp 4k screen with good colors (and can drive another 4k through HDMI), wifi works ok, NVME SSD is very fast
it ships with coreboot FOSS firmware, intel ME is always disabled, kill switches work as expected, linux works out of the box without crashes
cons: no wired ethernet (but easy to add w/ USB adapter), GPU is a tad slow (this isn't for gaming)

@6102 @waxwing Heh I didn't realize that before decrypting, you don't know which key to use to decrypt it. Specifying the output spent unencrypted also is not a good idea.
You're right, but the check is really obvious to make...

@TallTim i agree, though one mitigation for that is to regard the baseband as *part of* the untrusted network, security-wise—to regard it as just another node that could MitM your traffic or collect metadata
that is easier if your endpoint is trusted

@jon yes, might get a pinephone too
(i'm partial to i.MX8 SoC due to etnaviv though 😀 )

@TallTim open source baseband would be even better, but i think "unless it solves all possible issues at once there's no point" thinking is harmful to actual progress

e.g.: it's never enough, if they had an open source baseband, people would be complaining that mobile network protocols are inherently centralized, why doesn't it work as meshnet!

etc, we have to get there from here, somehow

just pre-ordered a Librem 5 phone 😀 , too bad it'll only ship in 6 months or so

"This is the future, I’m afraid. An automated future where no one actually knows how things work."

@emil dunno
*personally* i don't think there's anything wrong with cross-posting your own top-level messages if you're interacting on the platform
(thing like retweets and responses can be annoying though, especially if they're completely out of context here)

@emil and a lot of people have set up a cross-post bot once but don't interact here, that's also pretty annoying

@emil i think it's just that so much content auto-crossposted from twitter tends to be junk

@stevenroose the PR and Marco's mail answers that question

no, it is unrelated to performance, you can still self-build on 32-bit

is anyone still using the binaries for 32-bit x86 linux?
if you do, please let us know—the current idea is to phase them out in the not-so-distant future

so @bitcoinmerges was down for more than two months and no one noticed ? 😅

@emil if your computer becomes slow for seconds after the make process finishes, that sounds more like swapping or drained fs cache than CPU load

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