Everyone likes N/second.

N sets the preference.

Laser eyes symbolize mental blindness.

You are outputting with an input device.

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🎲Check out @raw_avocado talk about #Bitcoin hardware wallets & entropy.

He covers:
- attack vectors
- weak points
- BIP 32 & 39
- QRNGs for private keys
- coin flips private keys
- dice throws private keys


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ECDSA has, as part of its definition in the sign() and verify() operations, a hashing step on the message. There are very good reasons why this is necessary. Apparently according to Matt Green's recent blog post, this is the code that does sign/verify in metamask (and may well be, many other JS projects):


I notice it does not include that hash step. It won't matter in all but an extremely artificial case, but ...

Also comments like this: (1/2)

⚡️6 years ago today the Lightning Network paper was published.🥳

Also 50 pages long, this is a fucking book, not a paper.


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🔊Don't miss our next event!

📅26 January@18:00

⚡️Igor Korsakov creator of Blue Wallet will tell us what LN developments he finds interesting:
- @Synonym_to
- Omni bolt protocol, tokens on lightning
- LSPs


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We are mathematical entities, suitably idealized by our physical counterparts.

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In that recent citadel dispatch podcast I mentioned the funny anecdote of being on IRC with gmax when the "Biased Nonce-sense" paper (Breitner, Heninger) came out, and how he in a matter of minutes found the commit that caused the 64 bit nonces. I was pleased to see the latest version of the paper credits him (p. 10 eprint.iacr.org/2019/023.pdf ) but also it inspired me to re-look at the offending Ryan X Charles commit: github.com/bitpay/bitcore/pull
Why 8 bytes? Look at the PR.

It's very simple to find out if you are sovereign.

Do you get to do whatever you want when you wake up?

YES - you are sovereign.

NO - try harder.

Shill me quotes about determinism, or randomness.

I want to replicate this chart in a good-quality image.

How do can I do this?

It would be ideal if there is a tool where i can sketch the lines by hand.

In life, you actually only need to count from 0 to 1.

Crazy how when you're afraid of dying, you end up being afraid to live.

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