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It won't be a surprise, but I honestly believe we'd have a better world if were to get a chance to replace part of these industries. And given the immense power these industries have over our policy makers, I don't see any other way to get rid of them. Bitcoin is unstoppable, it is 100% neutral and honest; it has no opinion that can be corrupted by wealth and power.
Anyone with internet can use it. Anyone with electricity can mine it. No permission required.


Negative home atmosphere, loneliness, and neglect in childhood is correlated with Machiavellianism in adulthood (willingness to deceive and exploit others for personal gain + cynical views of human nature)


How many “incendiary balloons” would it take to equal the firepower of just one of the laser-guided missiles Israel dropped on sleeping families in Gaza last month? 100,000? 1,000,000? This is a mind blowing headline.


Lisbon City Hall supplying the Kremlin with intel on those who protest the Russian government *in Portugal* is an absolute outrage. It jeopardises the families of those who protest, that still live in Russia. Fernando Medina should resign immediately!


The US has absolutely sponsored more terrorism than Hamas & Taliban. Fascists across Europe after 1945, far right Cubans, Contras, Colombian paramilitaries, Mujahideen in Afghanistan. So many more...

This isn’t even controversial - they are very good at it! Solidarity


What does IMF stand for? Wrong answers only 🤣

RT International Monopoly of Fiat


Ross has been put in the SHU (aka "the hole") after a recorded interview he did over the phone with was broadcasted at this weekend.

Please keep Ross in your thoughts & prayers.

You can hear Ross speak here:


Voting to ‘take back control’ is a myth. Every country is controlled by people who aren’t elected.

At their very simplest, anarchist beliefs turn on to two elementary assumptions. The first is that human beings are, under ordinary circumstances, about as reasonable and decent as they are allowed to be, and can organize themselves and their communities without needing to be told how. The second is that power corrupts.
-- David Graeber

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Hey, @pete, what's your take on this guy Dr. Robert Malone who is the supposed co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology warning people about long-term side effects of the mRNA vaccines?

I occasionally need to remind myself of a few truths; first: It is ok to make mistakes. Don't let the critic in your head hold you back from trying something. Let yourself play, and you'll likely find something elegant in playing.

Are there opinions here in the Council? There's voices fiercely against them, it seems.
I actually thought that Saylor's announcement that the council meeting will be available to the public and seemingly might even have public input is a very good sign.
IMO we just need to be vigilant and not allow any such council to assume authority of any kind.

Aaron van Wirdum has a nice tweet thread with the articles he's written about taproot, all of which are very approachable.

If you want more after reading that, @bitcoinoptech tracked almost every stage of taproot's development, writing about it over fifty times as listed here: (and we're not done yet: now we get to write about what people actually build with taproot!)

Effective tyrannical regimes operate much like parasites. Their success lies in being largely invisible to the host.

It's not overt oppression that's most effective, but the kind that so insinuates itself into the fabric of our lives that it's not even perceived as such.

is a country with still a very cash-heavy economy. Imagine that they decide to issue a new paper note that is fully convertible into .

Germany is about to pass a law that allows german intelligence agencies to use trojan software on its citizens without any reasons for suspicion.

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