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@nitox I've been an environmentalist longer than I've been a Bitcoiner and I firmly believe can be part of the solution of . One of the big driving forces for our environmental issues are the consumption economy, an economy of evergrowing corporations and unlimited borrowing, and a political environment of big monopolies protected by politics through lobbying.
Bitcoin solves the former and while doing that, it reduces the power of government, taking a shot at the latter.

The Core RPC client now has a working integration test 😅 Long overdue, but definitely a good improvement!

I mean those where you can attach a number and allow you to handle calls from and to that number.

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The only name I could come up with is . It kinda worked, but it's not the most user-friendly..

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Any audio recorder people here that run ? My girlfriend got an USB microphone but we both have no idea about what software to use with it. Any suggestions? She wants to record with it.
Sorry for the hashtags, trying to reach people which is not trivial on here :p


When Bill Gates was running Microsoft in his 20s, he made sure to have enough of a buffer to pay every employee’s salary for a year in the event of a revenue decline. Struck me as not only smart, but extremely ethical


It takes a special kind of Government to spend $10,000 for every adult to give $1,200 to every adult. And it takes a special kind of public to cheer this Government into doing it.

TIL that grep's -A and -B can both be interpreted as "above" and "below" and as "after" and "before" and it means the opposite.. Thus, I always use them wrong.

The dangers of :

In the Netherlands we can't do enough tests because near (80% market share) can't deliver enough fluids for the test.
One can't replace the fluids with something else because that (likely) won't work as you need various parts for the testing machines to work.

UMCG (Groningen) can do lots of tests because they bought machines from different vendors.

Is it possible that the only thing remarkable about compared with the flu is that it's heavily concentrated in certain areas? Perhaps that these areas generally have a low prevalence of the flu?

> There are huge drawbacks to all of this. Public and corporate debt will soar. Handouts will be given to rich people and loans extended to firms that are badly run. But even with this fearful list of side-effects, the advantages are overwhelming. Cash will be distributed fast. Vulnerable people will be able to get by. Households will be confident enough to spend when conditions improve. And firms will keep their workforces and plants intact.

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> As fiscal deficits balloon, governments will have to issue piles of bonds. Central banks should step in to buy those bonds in order to keep yields low and markets orderly. Inflation is a second-order concern and there is little danger of it taking off. To prevent a euro-zone crisis, the European Central Bank plans to buy €750bn of assets. But it and European governments should also give a clear guarantee of sovereign support for Italy and other peripheral economies.

The government just announced a 2 trillion USD "stimulus package". Genuine question, where does that money come from? Is that tax money? Or is this a cooperation with the Federal Reserve that's announced by the government? Congress nor the White House have direct executive authority over the , right?


A very large number of businesses is now practically insolvent because of the shut downs. What will survive, and who will get to own it, will to a very large extent depend on who can get the lowest interest rate loans from their local central bank.

> Despite interest-rate cuts, £200bn ($232bn) more quantitative easing (amounting to some 10% of GDP) and more direct support for private-sector lending, the [Bank of England] is more worried about undershooting its inflation target than overshooting it.


The word quarantine comes from quarantena, meaning "forty days", designating the period that all ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death plague epidemic.

It followed the trentino, a thirty-day isolation period.


The Federal Reserve says there is an "INFINITE AMOUNT OF CASH"

This is quite literally the reason bitcoin was created.

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