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It won't be a surprise, but I honestly believe we'd have a better world if were to get a chance to replace part of these industries. And given the immense power these industries have over our policy makers, I don't see any other way to get rid of them. Bitcoin is unstoppable, it is 100% neutral and honest; it has no opinion that can be corrupted by wealth and power.
Anyone with internet can use it. Anyone with electricity can mine it. No permission required.

> An inquiry alleged that World Bank leaders improperly boosted China’s ranking in an annual business report. The lender said it would discontinue its “Doing Business” report, which rates countries based on their business environments, after irregularities were found in the 2018 and 2020 versions.

Of course, if is doing good in a ranking, it has to be discontinued.

The Cold War serves as a useful device for the managers of American society and their counterparts in the Soviet Union to control their own populations and their own respective imperial systems.
-- Noam Chomsky

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A warm welcome from with a strike at the passport check and a billion people waiting

This is the exact thing I was running into today when I found #BookWyrm. The way things are now, you have to manually sync things. It would be so convenient if we could officially link the accounts.

@libreture This is kind of a wider conversation but I think we would benefit from some kind of "linked accounts" feature. Like, I want to be able to login to (a hypothetical AP-based) Libreture or or so and be able to follow BookWyrm accounts linked to the people I follow on my own linked accounts. Basically if I follow you on and we both have linked f.e. accounts, they should be able to easily discover each other. And possibly automatically connect.

I'm forever grateful that growing up in USSR has largely inoculated me from the power of advertising by showing that it's perfectly possible to lead a happy and fulfilling life without constantly buying shit and worrying about my self-image.

Quote from Inventing Reality

China is unveils molten-salt nuclear reactor, which runs on liquid thorium rather than uranium, is expected to be safer than traditional reactors because the molten salt cools and solidifies quickly when exposed to the air, insulating the thorium, so that any potential leak would spill much less radiation into the surrounding environment compared with leaks from traditional reactors.

Mexico is sending navy ships with food, medicines to Cuba. The announcement came after Pres. López Obrador blamed the U.S. embargo for fomenting the recent historic protests.

The #NZ government rejects the criminalization of speech when the CCP is doing it in Hong Kong or Xinjiang, but in #Aotearoa they want to...

"... move hate speech into the Crimes Act and increase the penalties from up to three months' imprisonment or a fine of up to $7000, to up to three years' imprisonment or a fine of up to $50,000."


Cutting off one of your legs decreases your BMI, but when you cut off the
other one it shoots way up again
-Terrific_Soporific, Jan 2016

DNA pulled from thin air identifies nearby animals | Science | AAAS

So how long until this gets used to track people?

Changing Your Mind is Good, Actually

There’s something liberating about seeing your views as changeable rather than as an extension of yourself, writes Rachel Connolly.

@freakboy3742 the real outrage here is not the amount of money available to free software developers, it's that the entire security research community has been led by the nose, away from full disclosure, via "responsible disclosure", to this parasitic relationship

France fines Google 500 million euros over copyright row

Correction: It will take Google just over a day to make that back based on their revenue from last year.

They must be shaking in their boots right now… You show ’em who’s boss, France!

Source (Google revenue):

#SurveillanceCapitalism HT @annika

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