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@nitox I've been an environmentalist longer than I've been a Bitcoiner and I firmly believe can be part of the solution of . One of the big driving forces for our environmental issues are the consumption economy, an economy of evergrowing corporations and unlimited borrowing, and a political environment of big monopolies protected by politics through lobbying.
Bitcoin solves the former and while doing that, it reduces the power of government, taking a shot at the latter.


hearings Part 2 - Day 10 (Thread)

Court is scheduled to sit from 10:00 am.


What is the #Fediverse's recommendation for an #XMPP (#Jabber) client on #iOS (#iPhone)?

I've had a friend test both Siskin IM and ChatSecure. But from what they told me, both would appear to be inferior to Conversations on Android. Can anyone confirm / deny this?

Retoot welcome...

Highly recommended @DeutscheWelle documentary about the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks in Oslo (1993).
With lot's of interviews and diary reports.

Part 1:
Part 2:
(and look for the position of the current PM Netanyahu)

Quite shocking how large the scale is of these small refineries in the Niger delta in . They siphon crude from pipelines, distill it rudimentarily and sell it on the black market.


Multi-Path Payments creating an additive property to channel creation paired with the ability to create larger channels via Wumbo channels are making LN more reliable, useful, and user friendly. I am very bullish on the Lightning Network. Grow your know.

Can citizens be assured that votes of their representatives in the European Parliament are counted as cast? No. Fix? Either cryptographic evidence (math can't be tricked) or transparency (all votes roll call and public). I'll keep insisting on it.


Action 4 Assange media day. Protesting in front of and

Real journalism is not a crime. Free Julian Assange✊🍀⏳


We need a WORLDWIDE involvement to protect free press, free speech, and to set free Julian Assange.

Rise your voice.
Take a stand.
Press the media.
Call out politicians.
Join the protest.




THREAD on why people like Julian

1) He founded to give the worlds whistleblowers a safe anonymous publishing platform to warn fellow citizens of the crimes, corruption & abuses of power by Govts/Corp which impact their lives

RT @LinaSeiche
HODLing #bitcoin = using #bitcoin.

Protecting your money from theft through inflation is a very real use case.

The provides #NixOS images by default. Very nice!


Breaking: Julian Assange extradition hearing has now been officially postponed after a member of the US prosecution potentially exposed to

After long and careful conversations, the library that I passively maintained for many years is now transferred under the umbrella!

Which, given it's name "Pointy Castle", seems like it was always meant to be :)

We're now on 701 paying subscribers for @plausible!

Who would have thought we could get so many people to remove Google Analytics and use paid web analytics instead!?

Times are changing. An increasing number of people is realizing the cost of "free" services from the adtech giants and are now helping fund and create a better web 😍

@freemo It seems that video upload to is disabled by default and needs "Requires manual validation by moderators". Is there a procedure to be allowed to upload videos?

The instance shows up in joinpeertube for "video makers", so I'd expect uploads to be enabled.

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