I fucking love swearing. I also love Profanity.

Profanity is a nice little chat client that just drifts into the background with all the other terminals I have open during the day though, and so much less intrusive than alternatives. I usually keep one instance open in a screen session on a machine somewhere I can easily SSH to. It's very handy.


I see people still boosting this after a few days, so obviously there's some love out there for Profanity. Swing by lobby@rooms.chinwag.im and say hi!

Except if you say hi when Australia is asleep, don't think I'm ignoring you please. I'm just asleep. :awesome:

#XMPP #friends #love #chat

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@mike Does support out of the box? I recall trying out Profanity once about a year ago but I can't remember why I quit it.

@stevenroose I don't think it does, unless it's in a later version than I have currently. There's a plugin for it, but I've never bothered since I use OMEMO so rarely, and I can just use my phone if I need it.

@mike @stevenroose I just stumbled upon your threat and thought I'd chime in: profanity has native OMEMO support since v0.7, no plugins needed anymore. You need to have libsignal-protocol-c installed, though. See profanity-im.github.io/guide/l for further info.

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