So apparently right now in , ISPs were ordered to block access to . I haven't seen a news article myself, but it seems to have been targeted at developers, but somehow many more random developers are affected, perhaps GitHub is even blocked nationwide. I don't live there anymore but my friends there tell me. This is insanity. The government accidentally ordering ISPs to block all access to GitHub. I'd not be able to do any work that day. Or week. We'll see.

@stevenroose @enrique decentralize the source code repos! Make DVCS actually Distributed again!

@hector @enrique Very much wanting to! Waiting for @forgefed in order to make the transition.

Can confirm its still going on, they fucked up and all raw.github is blocked.
Now Spain is next to Russia and China on online censorship.
Fortunately they suck and have no idea what they are doing, just changing the DNS fixes the problem.

So while everyone is still affected the repos that they wanted to target just moved to gitlab...

A friend email an ISP, here is the response which more or less says that there was a judicial order to block the site and they don't know much else.

@enrique Wait Spain has an ISP called "PepePhone"??? That's incredible 🤩


Usually a great ISP, cheap, they don't force you to use a router, let you configure however you want, let's you get off the horrible Spanish standard of CG-NAT and they reduce your monthly cost every year you are with them.

@stevenroose @enrique i remember reading about that, but here in basque country i had no problems at all accessing github.

@stevenroose @enrique Isn't that a great reason to migrate to free and open alternatives? 😃 I've been on for months and it's great.Other good alternatives are , or

@nipos @enrique I'd love to. In fact I'm waiting for to materialize, so I can run my own Gitea instance.

@nipos @stevenroose

Sounds good, I'll check it out thanks!
It would be good to have a way to migrate all my dependencies as well, otherwise it's almost impossible to fully migrate.

@enrique @nipos How so? You can still refer to GitHub for the projects that are there, right? Btw, @codeberg is here on Mastodon and I heard positive thing from them. They run Gitea.

@stevenroose @nipos @codeberg
Because if the government censors raw.github again most projects wouldn't work because of all the dependencies hosted in github

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