So this is where the term * artist* is applicable.

- You get random phone calls by an unknown number.
- You think you're smart so you google the number.
- One of the hits is a website that appears to be broken because it shows an error message with a database dump containing a username and password.
- When you use the credentials, you find a mining account.
- The account is actively mining and has 4.9 BTC in it, but payouts only happen at 5 BTC.

Amounts may vary, but basically they make sure that it appears that it's gonna take another week for the mining activity to reach the 5 BTC minimim payout threshold. So they hope that instead of waiting, you quickly add 0.1 BTC to your balance (because mining pools allow you to deposit funds??) to reach the threshold and withdraw the 5 BTC.

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Quite elaborate! I'm honestly often impressed by the ingenuity of scammers in this space, too bad they can't devote their skills to something more useful 😕

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