Some people seem blissfully unaware that the #fediverse is a federated social *web*, the whole purpose of the tools is to publish stuff for any web user to see. Instead of choosing the right tool for their needs, these folks want us to ...
> burn activitypub to the ground and start over

Whatever AP devs do, determined BadActors can easily circumvent blocks by going to the web page of your feed. What people looking for private discussion spaces need is something like #jabber #MUCs, or #Matrix rooms, or #Wire group chats, or #Crabgrass groups, or private Discourse instances, or any one of dozens of other free code tools that exist for private group discussions. But no, they demand we turn the fediverse into those to suit their use case.

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@strypey I agree that the should be for public content. For publishing snippets for the world to see or perhaps a limited audience but never snippets that contain any sensitive information.
and social networks built on it, like of , are better for private social networking. Even though I recently discovered , which seems even better for private socialing!

@stevenroose You didn't mention #Zot, which has already demonstrated some solutions for federated privacy that AP devs can learn from. See the ensuring thread(s). I think the fediverse can become a full FB replacement, and that means being able to reliably convey private data privately (ideally with #E2EE). I just think it's disingenuous to pretend that we're already there. We're not even close yet.

@strypey It would be cool to see a more Facebook-like social network built on AP. Diaspora has a more Facebok like UX.

@stevenroose I want to say "have you actually used #Diaspora?" then caught myself and realized that could sound more aggressive than intended ;) But that's something people are always saying, and it really isn't true. Diaspora is pretty similar to Friendica, a federated blogging platform with a few options for posting to public/ private/ select subset of friends. It doesn't have any of the feature that make FB distinct; live chat, events invites/ RSVPs, etc.


@strypey I used Diaspora for a few months several years ago. The interface felt a lot more like Facebook. Timelines, one single feed with posts and comments on them.

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