Who linked this a few hours ago? github.com/nioc/xmpp-web

I opened the tab but didn't look until now. It's exactly the project I wanted to start writing recently but haven't had the time to get started. #XMPP

@mike Please do contribute! Another similar project I discovered about a year back is Opa:

It's from a Brazilian developer, but he stopped working on it since he took a new job.

A KISS web chat client is really something we urgently need in the community!

@stevenroose thanks for the pointer, I missed Opa. I'm more inclined to poke at that one right now, as I intended to MIT license anything I came up with. I'll have a mess around with both over the next couple of weeks though.


@mike Please keep us posted on that (I read and )! I think it might also be worth it to use headless mode together with either of the UIs.

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