Nurse in , talks about the virus. Says 90,000 people are infected, says government numbers are lies. Asks Chinese not to go out with New Years to keep each other safe.
This sounds pretty scary.

Reminds me of the book The Hot Zone that describes the very first outbreak. I loved the book, but it was also very scary.

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@stevenroose Exactly. I know that book. The scary thing is how interconnected the world is with planes flying around.

@TallTim True. I saw that video on Reddit and one of the following posts was some pictures of some very remote snowy place with a frozen river. To the likes of Scandinavia or Canada. I think those are the safest places to be. Tourism doesn't reach there and it's harder to travel around as easily.

@stevenroose The only problem with that is the airborne vector.
You wouldn't believe how far things can travel in the atmosphere that are microns in size.

@stevenroose The estimated R-zero score is about 2.5 which puts the corona virus on par with other widespread diseases.
Its anticipated that this will accelerate before its all over. However, the mortality rate seems to be quite low (2%?) so that's something at least.

@stevenroose Please read the comments under the video. The translation for some parts seems to be not correct.
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