ICYMI: Crypto Exchanges have become an enemy of . (TBH, I missed it until a few weeks ago).

@stevenroose centralized exchanges always were an enemy, but now the confrontation is more evident

@stevenroose Meh. They're temporary on-ramps until Bitcoin becomes its own unit of account. Then such exchanges won't be necessary.

@TallTim Well I think the argument he is trying to make is that it's going to hard to grow our userbase and/or gain recognition from the financial landscape if on-ramps are basically gambling websites trying to make their users not use Bitcoin.

@stevenroose I find this ironic since Erik Voorhees was singularly responsible for "Satoshi's Dice", and expanded the blockchain significantly (on a local storage basis) because of his enterprise. Perhaps gambling isn't the answer, but its been tried before. I see all these services as temporary, in any case.

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