Is anyone aware of plans for a way to run a single server that can serve both and frontends? It seems that PixelFed and Mastodon both could be like a plugin to a standard AP server.

@stevenroose a bit off topic but I still don’t see why they can’t use DNS SRV records.

@Luke because ActivityPub is an HTTP-based protocol so it uses webfinger instead of DNS?

@stevenroose but SRV records don’t preclude HTTP services. You could delegate to non standard HTTP ports or a sub domain for example.

@Luke that's exactly what webfinger also does, right? (I mean I'm not at all aware of the kind of webfinger support Mastodon or PixelFed have right now, but webfinger in general, like how caldav servers use it, f.e. is much as an HTTP-based alternative for SRV records.)

@stevenroose @Luke Yes, Webfinger can do exactly the same. The difference is that you cannot query DNS records from client-side JS for example.

@stevenroose @Luke Also, well-known URLs like ".host-meta" can do this in general (Webfinger is for querying user-specific information). E.g. you can provide stuff like this for Web XMPP clients in addition to your SRV records:

@raucao @stevenroose I guess what I really want is to delegate services like mastodon and pixelfed to subdomains regardless of the mechanism. Mastodon (and pleroma) seem very insistent on running at the same domain as the user name/instance.

I’m not sure what the semantics would be for two AP services running at the same instance name would be. Is @luke delegated to my or my for example.

@Luke @raucao IIRC you can already use webfinger to delegate a username to a service on a subdomain. I'm not sure if that can work with both Mastodon and PixelFed. Because the standard they both use is ActivityPub. You also can't run 2 different email servers on the same domain name.

@stevenroose @Luke Yup, that would be a problem. It would be useful to not just delegate AP in general, but actual AP contexts (however that would be spec'ed).

@stevenroose @Luke ... so yeah, a more generalized AP server with use-case specific front-ends would be super nice I guess.

@stevenroose what’s the cpub website? Not very searchable - commons pub looks awesome.

@Luke here is the message I got:

CommonsPub (by @mayel) or CPub (by @pukkamustard) might be something leaning towards what you describe: a generic server.

@Luke also this:

@how @stevenroose @mayel

That is the idea of CPub and CommonsPub!

CPub is named in homage to CommonsPub. Both are written in Elixir. Difference is that CPub attempts to achieve generality by embracing Linked Data/Semantic Web ideas.

The official CPub repo is here:

@stevenroose excellent - exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Steven!
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