@luke @Luke You heard of , right? IIRC @codeberg sponsored a full-time person to work on that and implement in .

@stevenroose @luke @codeberg haven't heard of it. Exactly what I want! Sr.ht is even listed as a discussion member. Looks like it hasn't had much activity since last year? 😕 Maybe it was too broad scope and ambitious?

@Luke @luke @codeberg Yeah it's exactly what everyone wants, except the big vendors like github and GitLab. and sr.ht are probably the only parties actually interested and they don't have the resources to make it happen. Even though the recent news (2 months ago?) that there was going to be a person fully dedicated to it, is very promising!
I can't find the reference, it's somewhere in one of my toots.


@Luke @luke @codeberg Which reminds me that I should have a script dump all my toots into a text file so I can grep.

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