IDF beat up medics trying to help wounded Palestinians.

This is what Palestinians go through on a daily basis.

It seem like those paramedics are civilians, so I'm certain this is a clear case of war crimes. For years now I'm speechless on face of the behaviour of our race. We're suposed to be the smart ones, but it's incredible how easy we left hate thrive and drive our lifes. Kudos to those paramedics to keep doing their work even with a gun pointed to their heads. I don't know if I would've the courage to do so.

The Geneva Convention prohibits the targeting of journalists and medical staff.

@FreePietje Yeah what is Geneva doing to do about this then?
Not meaning to be rude, but conventions are all fun and games, no one cares, right. Vast majority of the time there's no cameras. And if once a while some violation gets caught, no one knows who the soldier in question was and no one is going to stop dealing with a country because of a "small dealing like that".

The world should care.
It documents some basic principles that should even be respected in wars.
Just like the world should care about violations to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It's infuriating that it doesn't get respected and/or enforced. Or only highly selectively.
Saudi Arabia has committed an enormous amount of in ... and the is resuming arms sales to them. WTF!

Wrt Israel, I tooted about that before:

FTR: my response was meant for the audience at large, not at you directly. But my experience thus far is that if I'd removed your name, the links between toots get broken.

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