you don't hate javascript, you hate capitalism

Nah, that's not true. Capitalism is quite OK. Wouldn't want anyone else but myself to own the fruits of my own labor.

@stevenroose @selfsame you shouldn't pay any taxes then. That's your labor paying someone else's healthcare, transports and retirement benefits!

@falt_ @selfsame @stevenroose

What?! I SHOULD pay taxes, that's how I pay for my healthcare, transports and retirement benefits! I want those things!

@shigbam @selfsame @falt_ This indeed! We have reasons to contribute to government. We want infrastructure. We want security. We want so be helping the lesser off.
But there'sany things governments do that we don't want. Unfortunately we can't chose ourselves show much we want to contribute. Or which projects we want to pay for and which we don't.

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