Fuck Proprietary Skills

People don't learn how to program, but learn how to S3 or EC2, people don't learn how to illustrate but how to Photoshop, or how to C4D. "Oh, I couldn't possibly make music without Ableton.." This is sad.

@neauoire @gabek How do you feel about having open source tools as your skill? Is it OK to learn how to GIMP?

@stevenroose @gabek Not a fan, but at least it feels slightly less like your skillset is being rented to you.

@neauoire @stevenroose Open source or not, I've never understood why people would dedicate their lives and career to a single tool or company. What if that company goes out of business? Or they pivot? What if they become awful human beings you no longer support? I've met so many who "do" Ruby, or After Effects, or Pro Tools, or .NET, but people should diversify. It's more fun to try different things anyway, plus you learn a lot that you can bring with you everywhere.


@gabek @neauoire Until you learn Go and then you're set? 😉

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