The Antarctic Ice Sheet stores water equivalent to 58m in global sea-level rise.

The CO2 emissions from available fossil fuel on Earth is enough to ultimately melt the entire Antarctic ice sheet.

Our consumption of fossil fuels implies an increasing loss of land.

Water levels will impact the future of our cities.

Experiments with Manhattan

Blue streets will be below sea-level in 700 Gt of CO2 emissions from now.


Streets below sea level in 700 Gt of CO2 emissions from now.


Streets of London above sea level.

700 Gt of CO2 into the future.

The city of Oslo, Norway, in a distant future.

Streets under sea level (left)
Streets above sea level (right)

Climate change increases heavy rain and flooding.

200.000 people are under evacuation orders in Japan.
Here's an aerial picture of #Hitoyoshi yesterday.

Southern Japan recorded its heaviest rainstorm on record: 381mm of rain fell in just 6 hours.

We are in a climate emergency.

#Hitoyoshi #Kumamoto

Xiaolangdi Reservoir discharging 5,300 m3 of water per second.

"Bangladesh’s ministry for natural disasters has estimated that a third of the country is already underwater, with heavy rains set to continue until the end of July."

These streets of Seoul will be under sea level in 3000 Gt of CO2 emissions from now.

As extreme weather events intensify with climate change, it's hard to keep track of extreme floodings.

Today in Germany.

For the record, German coal company RWE is responsible for 100.000.000 Tons of CO2 emissions per year.

It's the single largest source of CO2 emissions in Europe.

Governments are considering goals to "reduce CO2 emissions by 2050".

This is Liege, Belgium, earlier today.

We are in #ClimateEmergency


@Joanie Are you aware of movements helping out with cleaning up? Or is that not possible yet because of sustained floods?

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