> is to issue up to 5,000 temporary work visas to lorry drivers, and 5,500 to poultry workers. A shortage of an estimated 100,000 drivers has left some supermarkets with empty shelves and petrol stations without fuel. And the poultry industry has warned that it does not have enough workers to meet the demand for turkeys at Christmas.

@stevenroose apparently, EU drivers laughed at their proposal and told them to sort out their own mess on their own
@fristi @stevenroose kek

but yeah i bet some anglos think those guys are being salty. doubt it, it's a shit deal and anglo govt is a mess, best to avoid
@fluffy @stevenroose the british government has always been messy. Literally any time I see that shitshow on the tv, I can't help but think of them as the muppet show.
@fristi @stevenroose i am blessed to remain ignorant of the local politics :blobcatpresentgreen:

too bad i can't seem to get rid of global politics :blobcatunamused:
@fluffy @stevenroose people criticize china for being a bunch of hypocrites, telling the world how shit should be done while structurally undermining the rights of their own people and still being as imperialistic as they were over a goddamn millennium ago.
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