A warm welcome from with a strike at the passport check and a billion people waiting

Changing Your Mind is Good, Actually

There’s something liberating about seeing your views as changeable rather than as an extension of yourself, writes Rachel Connolly.


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As the official German Bitcoin delegation 🤠, we had the honor and privilege to meet the El Salvadorian embassador in Berlin today. Looking forward to work together to educate the local expat community on everything .

¡Por la libertad de transaccionar! ⚡

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Israeli occupation has ordered a Palestinian man, named Khader Odeh, to self-demolish his own home in Silwan, and if he doesn't do so, the Israeli government will demolish it and he will bear the demolition costs. Heartbreaking.

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Since 2008, has been under the conservatorship of her father. In a rare statement in court, she has now spoken out against the "abusive" guardianship. "I'm not happy. I can't sleep. I'm so angry," the 39-old US singer said. The movement supports her.

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Negative home atmosphere, loneliness, and neglect in childhood is correlated with Machiavellianism in adulthood (willingness to deceive and exploit others for personal gain + cynical views of human nature) researchgate.net/publication/2

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The US has absolutely sponsored more terrorism than Hamas & Taliban. Fascists across Europe after 1945, far right Cubans, Contras, Colombian paramilitaries, Mujahideen in Afghanistan. So many more...

This isn’t even controversial - they are very good at it! Solidarity @IlhanMN@twitter.com

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WTF @TwitterSupport@twitter.com what you need my ID for just to remove an impostor??

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Europe is testing a "sound cannon" to be used against refugees.

What a load of bullshit by . While suggesting a positive tone, this brief is full of lies.

(1) I don't know any study calculating Bitcoin's carbon footprint. They calculate energy usage, but because of high usage of carbon-neutral and excess energy, the carbon footprint is not deductible from energy usage.

(2) There's tons of carbon-neutral mining firms. Dozens using hydro-power and dozens more using nuclear. The one they pick as the first is burning natural gas, wtf??

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Drone footage from Gaza shows the scale of devastation from eleven days of airstrikes and artillery fire by Israel this month.

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The Americans had planned to poison and kill journalist Julian Assange.

These are the same Americans who are also going around the world lecturing other countries how to respect press freedom and ensure safety of journalists.

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Israeli atrocities deepen a long-running humanitarian crisis in Gaza

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A Ryanair flight from Athens to Vilnius, diverted to Minsk in Belarus earlier today.


According to reports in media a Belarus journalist, that was onboard the flight, was arrested after the diversion to Minsk.

En we spreken van "militarisatie van de politie" als een Amerikaans fenomeen...

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Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen 🇧🇪, 20-5-2021

Ruim drie minuten aan beeldmateriaal geschoten door📽️ @WouterL1@twitter.com van een voorbijtrekkende colonne van politionele voertuigen op zoek naar één (1!) man.

Ik weet het niet hoor...

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