Overdose deaths are so high that Toronto Public Health is telling drug users to violate lockdown, for safety:

"Try not to use alone. Use with someone else and take turns spotting for each other.Wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from people you are using with to avoid passing the virus. A buddy system is safer than using alone"

Lockdowns kill.


@pete I'll repost this for as long as I have to.

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@timp @pete it's democracy right can't they just vote the virus away

@orionwl @pete Their society's immune system responds a lot better to authoritarianism for some reason unbeknownst to me ... 🤔

@orionwl @timp it's interesting how that article is written in a way that assumes you've 100% bought into the ridiculous zero covid strategy. Specifically, in how it's asking for infections to be brought low enough that "test and trace" will keep up.

The sane strategy is to get it over with. That means getting people infected as fast as the healthcare system can handle, with as many of those infections in people who are least likely to be harmed.

@pete @orionwl You're probably aware already, but I just had to point out how policy and logic are two worlds apart. 🙃

Instead, it's like PoS vs. PoW. I'm placing my bets in donuts via LN on the universe working its gravity, and proving Bob Marley right, once again.

@pete @orionwl I mean, sure, it sucks, but if we'd all stop saying it sucks tomorrow then we'd be getting on, but unfortunately, the chance of that happening is near-zero. Robert McNamara explained the process nicely, in how they responded to the Vietnam situation, in his mea culpa. Same process, different day.

@pete @orionwl And don't get me wrong when I say I like politicians right around the ending phase of their lives, because I wish them long and prosperous lives like anyone else, but they often tend to write books and give interviews with insights you can't really find elsewhere. The extremity of the situations often magnify certain aspects that apply elsewhere too, because of how we pesky humans work. Thought it was relevant somehow.

This is the Israeli strategy currently. Hospitals are at 100% for severe cases while simultaneously there's strict lockdown and very rapid vaccination (practically all of the at risk groups already vaccinated w/pfizer). When hospitals regain capacity, lockdowns are loosened. Over and over again.
So far it's not great. Infections don't seem to be coming down despite very high % of vaccinations.

@pete @orionwl @timp

@pox @orionwl @timp No, if Israel is actually practicing a strict lockdown they're not following the strategy I'm proposing. I'm proposing *selective* lockdown, allowing those not at risk to get infected while attempting to protect those who are. That's closer to what Sweden, Florida, etc. have been doing (whether they admit it or not).

@pox @orionwl @timp Though Israel is doing one thing very right: IIUC they've been keeping schools open. Kids don't seem to spread it much in schools. But they *do* get infected. And they probably contribute to spread in other situations, eg at home. So might as well get them infected earlier rather than later. And besides, missed in-person education is an *enormous* problem that disproportionately affects the worst off in society. Both the kids, and their working parents.

@pete @orionwl @timp
Selective lockdown was tried and then abandoned because of political infighting.
School are closed most of the time. Other schools just break the rules. You can the enforcement is selective, but not according to some rational criterion, but rather political pressure groups, owing to a very corrupt PM who's clinging to power at all cost.

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