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We're excited to announce our new collaboration with @Breez_Tech to integrate #Greenlight, our on-demand non-custodial @Core_LN node service, to simplify node management and provide state-of-the-art liquidity and connectivity services to its users. ⚡️ blog.blockstream.com/lightning

London Bitcoin Devs talk+panel from last month is out, features cdecker, tbast and guggero talking about Lightning, pretty good stuff:


Writing RFC is difficult because it uses free text and this opens to possible interpretation.

Fixing a bug on t.co/Nm7o9ge5Gf on the urllib parsing, the server wants the parameter in the same order, only because there are any strict rules (MUST).

The compiler code of vlang vlang.io/ is written in a very clean way

It is easy to jump in github.com/vlang/v/pull/13360

Start to build right now the language of the future, after it is easy

Programs must be written for people to read, and only
incidentally for machines to execute.

One thing that is very strange, these days is seeing people that care about (really) the source code.

I really love how the people around Bitcoin Core or project-related like c-lightning review your PR and give you suggestions!

It is quite disappointing that the one web browser to support @ensdomains resolution (@brave), by default sends your traffic through @Cloudflare MITM.

This defeats the entire purpose of #DPKI.

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Base58 is a bitcoin protocol school, run by @niftynei and @STAKAMOTO. We teach curious people about how bitcoin transactions work, all with the bitcoin-cli

pip dependencies without additions tools are completely messy!

Today dep resolution is perfect, tomorrow who knows!

i stopped reading the news long ago, now stopped following social media—please send me information only on a need-to-know basis 😊

Sharing data with system give you the possibility to have an answer at questions like this


🎉 Happy to announce one of my work to collect data and have metrics about lightning node called lnmetrics

The first description of it is available at t.co/J42UZBUXHs

A couple of days ago I had an argument with a person and I misunderstood the sentences he wrote. At the end of the day, we had two different opinions, but mine was absolutely wrong.

I misread an important word in the sentences and the cause was my dyslexia problem. When I tried to explain it to him I got the following answer.

"I sincerely try to ignore your disability and not to judge and demand the same standard of behavior that is required of all."

Research Question

What is the information that you care about on a lightning node that you consider important when you want to open a channel with a new node?

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