So i logged in using lnauth to and deposited some sats. (This just needed 2 QR code scans, nothing else). Then i clicked 'all in' on 50x btc futures. Of course.

Was down 40% in a few seconds. This is great.

Does anyone else use Zeus on Android to connect to a remote LN node serving over Tor?

I find it frustrating because it does connect, after 10-20 seconds, most of the time, but often I get 'connection timed out' and it's just not reliable enough to want to use it because of that. Does anyone else have that experience?

I used to use Zap and it was far more reliable using that slightly dodgy 'IP2Tor' mechanism, but that stopped working in Zap about a year ago.
Is there another option?

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Netflix just chose to help the U.S. government with smearing Julian Assange just 3 days before his crucial extradition court hearing, by offering a blatant propaganda film from 2013 to their users:

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Museums are finding it nearly impossible to post imagery containing artistic nudity on social media because their posts keep getting deleted and accounts suspended or banned, so Vienna's museums opened a page on OnlyFans.

TikTok closed the Alberta museum account for showing an obscured woman's breast.

Facebook ruled the 25,000 year old Venus of Willendorf figurine as pornographic and removed the post.

One plus and one minus:

+ taproot for the channel payment so it isn't obviously a channel

- but LN uses channel ids that have the txid. ouch.

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Plausible boat accident-ability:

Pay your KYC coins into a channel.

Then go boating.

Then report the loss; the funds are never going to move, I swear.

Then spend the whole chan capacity out somewhere.

Then, the tricky part, don't close the channel until ... the government collapses? Or, uh ..?

(This is weird, silly etc. but I'd like to hear people's refinements on it. Even though silly the general principle might be interesting).

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Seed word schemes should use a dictionary containing only swear words, insults, and racial epithets to encourage people to keep their seed secret.

It's bad in many places but in Lebanon it seems like there's a real catastrophe - not just hyperinflation, savings confiscation, but even a complete collapse of the electrical power system:

Looks like someone's been working on an experimental payjoin feature hooked up to lnd, nice idea:

h/t Bitcoin Optech, this does look like a pretty meaningful development in lightning w.r.t. being less hot/online, more recoverable, faster; and just using the well studied (if not, err, used!) musig2, sig adaptors and taproot:

Not exactly simple though!

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RT @rootzoll
⚡ Version 1.7.1 of RaspiBlitz released ⚡

You can choose now between lnd & c-lightning or even run both simultaneously :)

Update recommended to run latest security fixed lnd v0.13.3 & taproot ready bitcoin core v22.0.0

Download & how to update:

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This means that you can write a RPC client against the OpenAPI/swagger definitions in there. It does all the basic wallet, taker and maker functions, just some of the "advanced" features are missing.
Feel free to spread this info to anyone who likes building a web type UI for Joinmarket. We have a couple of proof of concepts in React and Angular but they're not up to date with that spec. There's even a bounty, fwiw.

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"3. Officially become digital territory of the Joseon Empire ... check"

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Does it ever occur to people that compare Bitcoin with the dot com bubble that that incident was part of a 2 decade story of astounding success, not failure?

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #169 is here:

- summarizes a proposal to add transaction heritage identifiers to Bitcoin
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: output linking
- LND 0.13.3-beta release

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