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"We have to point out that if devices are unsafe, it is a legal obligation to permit us to make them safer. If you sell an ... unsafe automobile, and you attempt to prevent people from modifying those devices to make them safer, if you're out actually there actively interfering with attempts to make them safer, then when people get hurt you should be liable."

#EbenMoglen speaking at HOPE 9, 2012


Canvassing opinion: what are the best options for connecting a mobile (Android) wallet with and on-chain to a setup at home? I currently have the latter Tor only so I suspect it will be very hard, that way.

@stephanlivera (pointless is a slight exaggeration there, but only a slight one).

This nicely illustrates, I think, where LN shines: you want nicely balanced (near 50-50), large channels and lots of small or micro-payments going back and forth. There, the incentives are all well aligned and you're getting tons of utility in saved time and fees.

The podcast was up to Stephan's usual excellent standard, although there were lots of opinions expressed I don't agree with, no surprise there 😂

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So on the @stephanlivera podcast today i heard Eric Wall saying that " isn't good for small payments because it may not be worth it to do the justice transaction for such a small amount".

On its face this is a pretty egregious error: the justice transaction takes the whole channel capacity, not the small payment.

The reason this error is 'egregious' imo is that it misrepresents the most central idea of LN; if the critique were unconditionally accurate, LN would be pointless.. (1/n)

I see 12 makers in the new pit this morning with a decent variety of size.

There'll be a certain incentive to join that new pit for at least some, more active makers, since there'll be at least some taker-side users, especially anyone new will default to it. So I expect a meaningful continual increase there.

Likely (like last time), there'll be a tail of several months over which the old pit dies out. But this time we started with a lot more makers (~120-150) active.

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New release of switches to native segwit by default, including native segwit coinjoins ... makers and takers should migrate their funds into new wallets for cheaper fees and better integration with other wallets/features. You'll want to read the release notes on this one:


New optech:


Covers the new taprootactivation website as well as a new funding organization "Brink", looks kinda interesting.

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Announcing the 0kb.club

The WWW has become a bloated mess. Many pages are loading megabytes of Javascript to show you a few kilobytes of content. These things are a cancerous growth on the web and we should stand up against it.

We can make a difference - no matter how small it may seem. The 0kb Club is a collection of web pages that focus on performance, efficiency and accessibility.

There’s no need to suggest new web pages for the 0kb Club. All pages that are truly without bloat are already on there.

If your pages exceeds 0kb, you might consider the 250kb.club or the 1MB.club which are the inspiration for this page.

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Has anyone read the pool whitepaper? I gave it a sort of half-read on Sunday night, it's pretty interesting, the 'shadowchain' concept seems not to be really a technical/crypto innovation as much as a framework for understanding the batching of smart contract updates (and that isn't to put it down; I think this kind of framework is very important).
The channel leases look interesting as an innovation: enforcing duration for channels, and from that building a market.
Will read more.

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RT @BitcoinQ_A
Pleased to announce the launch of ln.guide/, a site designed as a primer for those wanting to understand the high level mechanics of the Lightning Network. I've also included an FAQ section and links to other great resources + tutorials.

If you enjoy, please share!

This Saturday there'll be a meetup with ketominer about nodl , see here to register:


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You're not alone with this @Jestopher_BTC, the #RaspiBlitz is being built and used by many who feel the same way.
I'm having loads of fun and gain plenty of knowledge contributing to this project.
Thank you all and who didn't yet make sure to check it out:

This is only a sketch (and perhaps a first draft, there may be errors), but i think the idea might be a good one for systems like (or more general, see the abstract) : allow people who want to publish offers, to prove that they were selectively censored, thus making censorship like that unworkable:


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Here is a "hot take" ... I kind of believe it myself, but I know others would disagree:

This website is a very bad thing:


not that it's dangerous in itself; but miners-qua-miners have NO say in protocol upgrades, that is the lesson they should have learnt from 2017, but don't want to. Just because you might like their opinion, doesn't change that.

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