A follow up, I made a PR for this in Joinmarket ( github.com/Joinmarket-Org/join ). The Python 3.6 requirement is a sticking point though. Some old distros don't have it.

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Haven't yet investigated but might be interesting as way of publishing videos without using youtube:


does anyone know if it's easy (or possible) to access your physical machine host's IP from an enclosed virtual box VM? usecase is running a test on Joinmarket in a VM but don't obviously want to have to create a whole new Core instance.

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It's Saturday! I can't wait to see what my family and I can get up to today. Maybe we'll visit the garage!

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Today, 1 year ago, @jonatack@twitter.com made his first commit to Bitcoin Core. Thank you for one year of service and for hosting the PR club!
I am gladly looking forward to another year 🍾
Reference: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/com

Honestly this EARNIT thing just forces us to confront the undesirable reality: you can't have your cake and eat it. You can't hand over all responsibility to big corporations and then live in a virtue-signalling fantasy that you're using e2e encryption on their platforms. Eventually the government will "come and take it", because it can.


This is the inevitable endpoint of corporate controlled social media. It's that the executives of these companies are dumb or evil, but they can only act at the behest of regulatory bodies, govts and lobbying special interests, resulting in the worst possible outcome.


I think I'll just leave in the "githuh.com" typo, there's something nice about that :)

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I spent a little time re-reading the discreet log contracts idea and the tentative spec that's been put up at githuh.com/discreetlogcontracts/dlcspecs

One very nice resource is a summary (from last summer) by Renee Pickhardt on how DLC would work in a Lightning channel (of course it's all a bit speculative, but it may help if you're trying to understand the idea):


There are several related articles, this one on legal issues around mixing gives the me the strong impression, not for the first time, that legal analysts have failed to understand that a coinjoin does not mean a *transfer* of control of funds from one party to another, and therefore cannot possibly come under any money transmitter legislation. (to be clear, the article is not mainly about coinjoin).


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Really clear headed 'from the ground up' essay on Bitcoin privacy from Giacomo Zucco:


Covers critical non technical concepts (like how KYC is anathema to the function of money) as well as the main principles behind existing privacy tech.

(Don't take this too seriously but: )

Apparently in China they're shifting from gold to steel reinforcement rods (rebar) as a store of value. 😂

Nowadays it seems "store of value" is mostly a meme since it's just about second guessing what central banks are going to pour trillions into next.


Joinmarket v0.6.2 released:


.. a bit overdue, so it has quite a few functional changes, see release notes and feel free to share. Python2 is deprecated from this version.

This well captures the VR experience .. we were flying in formation at one point (and I was standing up IRL, you need to get your VR legs for this one!). h/t Der Gigi


(I'm the cookie monster :) )

Honestly I don't think pegged assets/stablecoins are ultimately viable *at scale* but I still thinknbetter can be done than the shitshow we're currently seeing in makerdao and similar - there is too much complexity and ambition in what they've done, and ordinary people have lost savings. Here's just one of the horror stories on their subreddit: reddit.com/r/MakerDAO/comments

Does anyone else feel like hoarding some physical cash, but then realise that you might get robbed - specifically by the police?

Every time I make an on-chain payment to a merchant I'm reminded of how problematic the UI is for payments that can take 20-60 seconds to even be *recognized*, let alone confirmed. Different web interfaces work differently but it's never actually intuitive.

All the people for the last two years who actually said they doubt Lightning will work *because it's a complex user experience*, just left me 🤦‍♂️

@lopp was mentioning this in his presentation at the MIT Bitcoin Expo , which reminded me as I hadn't seen the site for some time.
It's a good attempt at documenting wallet standards implementation by a whole bunch of different wallets. The info for Joinmarket e.g. is correct, so I guess most of the rest of it will be, too:


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Kind of amuses me that a fiat promise for a fiat currency (often disparaged as toilet paper), namely treasuries (bonds) as claims on USD, is soaring more than any time in history, at the same time as *actual* toilet paper is likewise soaring in value.

Shitcoins! 😂

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