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"The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP)...has ordered all cryptocurrency exchanges operating within the country to file comprehensive transaction data on their customers every month,"

@BTCTybrrr covers the news:


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uh.. even though I have *no* need for inbound, is what I meant, of course.

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Meanwhile, took the opportunity to install LIT on my raspiblitz. Web-based GUI looks pretty slick. I think I will try out the new Lightning Pool feature, even though I have special need for more inbound liquidity, I'm really curious to see what it's like making a bid and getting it filled:

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Hadn't been to 1ml.com in a while, I notice the LN network stats are looking pretty healthy! About 20K nodes and nearly 50K channels public, god knows how many private:

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“The utility of the exchanges made possible by Bitcoin will far exceed the cost of electricity used. Therefore, not having #Bitcoin is a net waste.”

- Satoshi Nakamoto

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To coordinate the lightning rings of fire there is this Telegram group: t.me/joinchat/Uao0Z_hBequXkeB0
and heard about some similar activity on reddit too.
Throwaway accounts are recommended!

Podcast recommendation time:

it's long and I'm only halfway through, but something that popped up during this podcast about the mechanics of using lightning (and privacy) struck me as very interesting: the concept of a "ring of fire" where people cooperate to set up rings of say 5-10 channels and keep them balanced using circular rebalancing.

features @openoms


Even in 2020 we still see the Chinese financial elite having to constantly remind each other that you can't have your cake and eat it when it comes to international financial power/influence:


Back to the first article, CBDC is interesting only in that Bitcoin ends up being a Trojan horse for using full on Stasi-like population control; they will see and control directly, every payment. This nightmare is coming, but it has little to do with "blockchain" or Bitcoin.

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I found this article on the digital yuan project pretty good/interesting.

I'm happy to see that they at least mention (which nobody usually does) the non-free-convertibility of the RMB (closed capital account, non-floating exchange rate) (one of a few reasons why IMF accepting it into the SDR basket was so disgraceful; even worse than the WTO accession, though less impactful. But par for the course for Western elite hypocrites).



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In @gladstein's latest article "Check Your Financial Privilege," he spoke with @ireaderinokun, @SudanHODL, and @KalKassa as they shared their stories on why Bitcoin is so important.


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BREAKING: Ed Carpenter Racing will run a #Bitcoin car in The Indianapolis 500, raising money for core devs with @ln_strike.

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #148 is here:

- describes a security disclosure affecting protocols depending on a certain BIP125 opt-in replace by fee behavior
- summarizes the 'Introduce node rebroadcast module' Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting
- announces Rust-Lightning 0.0.14
- encourages engineers contributing to open source Bitcoin or Lightning projects to apply for a Brink grant before the May 17th deadline


@stevenroose it's admittedly no more than curiosity, but what's the thinking behind SIGHASH_RANGEPROOF? (github.com/ElementsProject/ele)

Does it change the sighash to sign over the rangeproofs of the consumed outputs, or..?

This might be the most impressive technical pass I've yet seen:


(though JustCallMeJack has many plays that are serious contenders...)

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Just a normal day on most of my IRC channels:

<grimler32> any t1me travelers or al1ens here please pm me

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RT @LightningPool
⚡️🏊 In total 694 orders have been matched 📊

In total 54293 units (5,429,300,000 sat / 54.3 bitcoin) have been opened using @LightningPool!

Graph of last 300 days attached.

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