This is my new Mastodon profile. I will boost it from my old one,

Thanks @orionwl for hosting this :)

(I consider to be anti-free speech, hence the move).

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@waxwing welcome on board !

FYI you can enable the "moved" setting on the old profile so that people will know that you've moved and to where is definitely not anti-free-speech, though i'm trying to keep this a low-drama instance, but i trust you to not get involved in US mainstream political fights and such 😀

@orionwl @waxwing


low-drama, hmm interesting angle ...

btw i am also against anti-free speech on the bitcoinhackers instance ('no shitcoins'). sometimes I want to talk about shitcoins, hope that's OK!

@waxwing @waxwing sure, talking about any coin and software is OK, definitely technical aspects
(i know you won't go crazy shilling anything 😂)

@waxwing @orionwl @waxwing
I think it's required to talk about shitcoins if you are going to paint a complete btc picture - so I agree with you on this. We are at a different point in the ecosystems evolution vs. hacker's inception date, and I'd like to see the discussion rules changed.

@mydogisahusky @waxwing @waxwing wouldn't be surprised if that rule was introduced because people were joining the instance to advertise/shill coins en masse (this is especially bad with open registrations, we all know what assortment of scam artists, trolls, anything associated to cryptocurrency brings in)

@orionwl @mydogisahusky @waxwing

No, it was pre-emptive. I think @nvk was being too tribal, but hey, there's no problem in him or the instance having whatever rules they like.

The related problem to me is how everyone on twitter makes out that endless 'blocking' is a virtue. I think it should be a last resort to block others out of a conversation, albeit a resort that probably does need to exist.

@waxwing @orionwl @mydogisahusky @waxwing @nvk The point was more to keep shitcoins shills away, I think everyone will be ok with polite discussion about any subject. Moderation is pretty much absent from this instance anyway

@Sosthene @waxwing @orionwl @mydogisahusky @waxwing Just think of Maximalism as a scarecrow, trying to keep the scammers away. If you want to argue shitcoins, be my guest. If you want to promote shitcoins, start your own instance :P

@orionwl @waxwing @waxwing
Yup - it was a different time. I will discuss anything that advances our learning and understanding.

@waxwing @orionwl eugene will probably go down as the roger ver of mastodon :D

@vbhide @waxwing i think he's doing a great job writing and maintaining the software

mass community management is a wholly different thing though … would be better for several reasons if went invite-only

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