I thought this was great .. and I enjoyed consuming it :)

@waxwing @jon I especially liked the end:

> It may even be that we can cultivate a habit of intellectual bus ticket collecting in kids. The usual plan in education is to start with a broad, shallow focus, then gradually become more specialized. But I've done the opposite with my kids. I know I can count on their school to handle the broad, shallow part, so I take them deep.


@waxwing @jon

> When they get interested in something, however random, I encourage them to go preposterously, bus ticket collectorly, deep. I don't do this because of the bus ticket theory. I do it because I want them to feel the joy of learning, and they're never going to feel that about something I'm making them learn. It has to be something they're interested in.


@stevenroose @waxwing Yes... I did this as a kid (was obsessed by astronomy and microbiology as a child and by coding in assembly as a teen), and the only regrets I would have about it now is not continuing and taking that kind of focus further as a young adult when entering the "real world"...

as it happens, this past year I turned a bit away from the "real world" and have been trying to do what PG describes...

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