H/T Christopher Allen. This kind of bumbling idiocy from governments, ruining people's lives through enforced identity tracking, is a trend.

@waxwing slightly different, but similar in being an issue of forcing identity mapping.. I saw the following during a recent Canadian federal election. Copied straight from the platform of a major Canadian political party (Green party):

"- Regulate Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to ensure that only actual people, with
verifiable identities, are able to publish on those platforms."
( pg. 75)

Bumbling idiocy is an understatement 😥

@htimsxela it's an awful trend. I think the indian case is worse though, because making facebook unusable is not the worst thing :)

@waxwing and the Indian case is also already realized, rather than just an obscure platform point from a minority political party. Definitely worse, it sounds like a nightmare of bureaucracy stands in the way of user protection.

+1 on making Facebook less usable, that got a chuckle out of me

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