If anyone is interested in trying it out, there is a static binary build of JoinmarketQt available now at with a corresponding *.asc gpg signature (on my key) at the same location.

Tested on a few debian and ubuntu flavours, if you feel like it and you have a BitcoinCore instance network-accessible, then test feedback would be nice. It should be fully functional wrt existing JoinmarketQt.

I guess I will add this to the releases from now on.

(two minor additional points: those of you who tested it before, note it was rebuilt to remove the error on startup (related to 'exit' calls). And, I tested this on the Ubuntu WSL setup on Win 10 with mobaxterm that is described at our docs/ and it seemed to work fine. Note of course this is very fiddly but a wine-based or pure windows- based build seems tricky; at least, a lot of work to figure out).

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To contextualise: it is very fiddly on windows (mainly because of the extra mobaxterm step), although only at first; once it's there, it's just a couple of clicks to start up again I guess.

On Linux the idea is that you need nothing at all, you can just download that file and run it on a new OS installation (I've tried this with VMs).

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